Hotel worker held after spate of thefts on tourists

DUBAI - Tourist security teams managed to retrieve jewellery and cash stolen from tourists over the past week in two separate incidents, police say.

The Dubai Police’s Tourism Security Department director Colonel Mohammad Rashid Al Muhairi said in the first incident a Pakistani hotel worker was apprehended for stealing jewellery valued at Dh8,000 from a hotel guest.

Al Muhairi said the hotel worker, a housekeeper, stole two rings and a bracelet from a GCC woman who was a guest at the hotel. Allegedly the items were stolen when the woman was not in her room, and she discovered the next morning, that the theft had taken place.

Al Muhairi said that the CCTV footage showed that three hotel workers had entered the room to clean it while she was away. The police suspected one of the workers and found the jewellery after they searched his room.

In the second incident, Colonel Al Muhairi said the police caught an Afghan man who stole a credit card from a 74-year-old Austrian tourist. He allegedly used the stolen card to purchase a pair of women’s shoes and a coat worth Dh10,000.

Al Muhairi said the tourist security department were following up on a number of complaints lodged by tourists. He also added that the department was tracking down violators who worked as tour guides on desert safaris.

Referring to an incident on February 13, he said the police arrested a Chinese woman for posing as a tour guide, using a forged ID she obtained from her home country.

The woman told the police that she stole the ID from her friend and duplicated it.

Colonel Al Muhairi said that the police were also hunting down an Asian man for allegedly pretending to be a tour guide in Jumeirah.

The suspect, who was accompanied by a group of tourists, allegedly locked tourists in a car but he ran away when he was intercepted by the police.

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