Hefty fines, penalties for traffic violations planned

ABU DHABI — Motorists will have to think twice before committing offences as hefty fines will be imposed under the new rules and regulations governing traffic violations.

By Adel Arafah

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Published: Tue 21 Mar 2006, 10:06 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:31 PM

The new rules and regulations cover 150 traffic offences with penalties ranging from fines upto Dh2,000 to cancellation of driving licence, Major-General Saif Abdullah Al Shafa'ar, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, disclosed.

A fine of Dh1,000 will be levied and four demerit black points recorded in the driving licence of the offender who overtakes other motor vehicles at a place, where overtaking is not permitted. The same fine and penalty will be imposed on drivers causing moderate damage to motor vehicles, for plying heavy trucks on roads where lorries and trucks are prohibited, non-adherence to the rules governing loading and unloading in car parking lots, or illegally ferrying passengers, use of motor vehicles for purposes other than those designated, parking of cars in front of fire hydrants and at places earmarked for cars of people with special needs and ambulance vans.

Fines and penalty will also be levied on motorists found seating children under ten years old on the front seat and refusing to give right of way to the emergency police motor vehicles and official motorcades.


Those caught for violating the permitted level of the tinted glass in the motor vehicles will also have to pay the fine and get the demerit black points. Driving light motor vehicles which lack the standards of safety, or loading the motor vehicle in a way that endanger others' lives, or absence of lights on the rear side of the trailer or on its sides, as well as parking of taxis in places other than those designated, will also attract fines.

A fine amounting to Dh1,000 and three black points will be imposed in respect of 21 traffic offences: These are entry in prohibited place, not fastening the seat belt, disrupting traffic, stopping in the middle of the road without reason, stopping in the yellow box, not fixing the exhaust pipes on top of the heavy truck and leaving the load on the truck uncovered.

The same penalty and fine will be levied on motorists who do not follow the instructions of the traffic policeman, give priority to pedestrians to cross the road, do not adhere to traffic signals, litter the road while driving on the main street, cause minor damage to other vehicles, refrain from giving the name and address to the traffic cop, writing words and expressions and placing posters on the motor vehicle, not taking necessary measures for safety and smooth flow of the traffic, turning round wrongly, parking the car on the left hand side of the road and in places not allowed to, stopping the vehicle without considering the legally specified distance from the crossroad or the u turn or introducing additional parts in the car without permission.

According to the new rules, a Dh1,000 fine and two demerit black points will be levied on 48 traffic offences.


These are sudden veering off with the motor vehicle, driving a taxi without permit, taking passengers in a motor vehicle set for learning driving 'LT', driving a cab with expiry guarantee, opening the left-hand side door of the taxi, reversing the vehicle in a dangerous way, driving with a driving licence other than that issued for driving the vehicle, teaching driving without permit, refusing to take passengers in a taxi, leaking or falling of things from the motor vehicle, not securing the motor vehicle when it is parked, stopping in prohibited places, parking the car in places meant for loading and unloading without a reason, using multi-rotating colours in the car, not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, not fixing red hard lights in the rear side of the vehicle, taking passengers beyond permitted capacity, using old and worn tires, not maintaining a sufficient distance between the cars ahead, teaching driving in cars without fixing the 'LT' sign on top of the vehicle, driving unlicensed vehicle, violating the rules on use of commercial number plates, driving bulldozers, earth-moving machines and mechanical trucks without obtaining license from the licensing authority.


The other violations are not fixing number plates on the designated part of the vehicle and driving at night and in a foggy weather without using lights, the difference in the number plates of the truck and the trailer, not fixing light reflectors on the rear side of the lorries and trucks, not using signals (indicators) when changing the direction of the vehicle or turning round, towing a motor vehicle or a boat using a car or motor vehicle in a disorganized manner, not giving way to the car coming from behind forcing it to pass to the left hand side, placing road signs for cars coming from the left in places where they are required to, stopping the motor vehicle in a way causing danger to passersby, stopping the motor vehicle in a way that disrupts pedestrian movement, teaching driving with a motor vehicle not designated for the purpose and without the permission of the licensing authority, not getting the motor vehicle inspected after making any significant adjustment in its engine or body, entering the road without making sure it is clear, using LT vehicles at times other than those specified and fixed by the authority, overtaking from the right hand side, and overtaking in a wrong way, not informing about the correct address of the driver or owner, or failing to notify the authorities on the change of address within a period of fifteen days, driving the uninsured motor vehicle in the main street or using the horn in a disturbing way.


A fine amounting Dh1,000 and a penalty of one demerit black point will be levied on 24 violations: misusing the car parks, unclear number plates, not adhering to the fare fixed by the rules, plying light sedan cars on the mandatory lane, stopping vehicles on pavements, not producing the vehicle's registration book upon request, not showing the driving license when asked to, not writing the weight and load of the truck on both sides of the vehicle, leaving the vehicle on the road with its engine switched on, not carrying the driving licence while driving the vehicle as well as the registration book, driving without using the prescribed spectacles or contact lenses, buses not using internal lights at night, taxis not fixing the 'taxi' sign on top of the vehicle, carrying excessive load, not adhering to the colours permitted for taxis or vehicles used for training drivers, indicators of the car not functioning, headlights and lights are invalid, blowing horn in prohibited zones, driving at a speed less than the minimum level, not wearing the uniform set for the cabbies and not taking care of the uniform, taxis and buses left in dirty condition and not cleaned from inside and outside, smoking inside the cabs and buses, not fixing the fare for buses and taxis or not producing the same upon request.

A fine amounting to Dh 600 and two demerit black points will be handed out to a motorist who is caught driving a motor vehicle with a single number plate.


The rules specify 24 black points after which the driving licence of the offending driver will be suspended for three months and the vehicle will be impounded for 15 days.

In case the black points recurred (24 points), the driving license will be suspended for six months, and if the same was repeated for the third time, the driving licence will be finally cancelled, and the holder of the same will not be allowed to apply for a new driving licence again until the lapse of a year, besides the impounding of the vehicle for a month.

According to the revised fine structure, three dangerous violations like racing while driving, driving vehicles without registration plates and exceeding the speed limit by over 60 km per hour, will entail a fine of Dh2,000 and 24 black points.


Motorists who jump the red signal will be slapped with a fine of Dh 2,000 and 12 points. Those involved in overturning of vehicles will have to pay Dh1,000 (6 black points), escaping from traffic police Dh2,000 (6 black points), reckless driving Dh2,000 (12 black points) and truck drivers overtaking in a dangerous way Dh2,000 (12 black points).

Fine for violations like overtaking from the hard shoulder, allowing another person to drive a vehicle without a valid driving licence, and driving in a way posing danger to the public, will attract fines of Dh2,000 (6 points) on each count.


Fines for driving a vehicle emitting gases or vapours in excess of the allowed rate will be Dh2,000 (2 points), a vehicle that pollutes the environment Dh2,000 (4 points), changing the engine or the chassis or colour of vehicle without official licence or permission Dh 2,000 (3 points), transporting or carrying passengers in a vehicle not licensed for public transport Dh2,000 (3 points), changing the lane dangerously Dh 1,000 (6 points), driving an unlicenced vehicle Dh1,000 (6 points), driving the vehicle in the opposite direction Dh1,000 (6 points), driving heavy vehicles that do not abide by safety measures Dh1,000 (6 points), loading trucks in a way that is dangerous to the public or road users Dh1,000 (6 points) and over-loading trucks Dh1,000 (6 points).


Motorists caught by radar for travelling at extremely fast and over the prescribed

speed-limit of ten km per hour will face a fine of Dh600 and collect one black point. A fine of Dh800 and (2 points) will be imposed for over-speeding by 20 kmph and Dh1,000 (6 points) for over-speeding by 30 kmph and Dh1,200 (8 points) for over-speeding by 40 kmph.

Driving a vehicle at a speed that exceeds the speed limit by not more than 50 kmph and 60 kmph will be liable to pay Dh1,400 and Dh1,600 respectively and collect 8 points and 12 points respectively in their traffic record.

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