Hearing postponed for DNA tests on 17 Indians

The hearing in an appeal of the 17 Indians, who were earlier sentenced to death by the Sharjah Shariah Court of First Instance, has been adjourned until November 4.


Amira Agarib

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Published: Tue 19 Oct 2010, 8:43 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 4:31 PM

The hearing was postponed, pending DNA tests on them.

Following the testimony of forensic expert Mohammed Suleiman, the Sharjah Court of Appeal, which is currently handling the case, postponed the hearing and ordered for DNA tests.

As per the request of the defence lawyers, the court adjourned the hearing to a special session on November 4 to allow the defence team to question the second witness until the submission of pieces of evidence which had not been included in the court files.

During Monday’s hearing, forensic laboratory technician Mohammed Suleiman testified that he was called by the Criminal Investigation Department at 11.30pm on November 10 informing him that there was a fight between a group of Asians in the Al Sajja area in Sharjah .

“I, accompanied by the head of the biological analysis section at the forensic laboratory, Ahmed Al Serkal, reached the crime scene. First, we took blood specimens from the sandy area and then I found a torn shirt, a towel, a mattress, two blankets and a shawl with traces of blood on them. These items were found behind a room nearby. We took specimens of the blood traces on a wall which some people had used to climb over,” Suleiman said.

The next day, he conducted tests on the pick-up vehicle which transported the deceased and the three injured to the laboratory and also six pieces of clothes in addition to the bedsheet which was brought from the hospital on November 12. “When we checked them, we found mixed blood traces and various blood groups which were included in the reports provided in the court file. Also, we checked the blood samples of the victims who were brought to the hospital.”

When the defence lawyers asked the forensic technician whether he conducted DNA tests on the suspects and whether it matched with the blood found on the victim’s clothes or on the wall, the forensic expert said, “Nobody asked me to conduct the DNA tests on the suspects or to match the blood found on the wall or that the authorities wanted to conduct more tests by sending the samples to the Dubai Police forensic laboratory.”

Answering the question of the defence lawyers whether they conducted tests on the weapons used by the accused to stab the victims, the forensic expert said that nobody brought those weapons to the forensic laboratory .

Suleiman said he took specimens from the blood found outside the company, the iron door, the door of the neighbouring company, the sandy area, the pick-up vehicle which transported the injured and from the clothes which were found behind the room inside the company. He testified that the blood specimens taken from the victims’ clothes matched with the blood samples of the accused.

Answering the question of the defence lawyers whether the laboratory had checked all blood samples, and whether the blood could have been mixed, the forensic expert said, “I took blood specimens found in different places, but I cannot give a clear cut answer if the blood specimens were mixed or not.”


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