Great experience for fun-lovers of all ages

DUBAI — With the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) 2007, moving on to its final month, the fun-filled activities and events in various malls and Modesh Fun City are gathering people in large numbers. Smiling faces and enthusiastic children along with supportive volunteers and fun loving parents, portray the ideal break, the residents of UAE were looking out for this summer.

By Nida Unas (DSS SPECIAL)

Published: Sun 29 Jul 2007, 8:33 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:22 AM

The volunteers at Modesh Fun City and various malls are mostly children who can be seen working patiently with the young ones and teaching them various games, drawing, painting and many more. Providing an atmosphere of learning and entertainment together, DSS 2007 is being cherished by all age groups. Budoor Mohammed, 13, Volunteer at Modesh Fun City, says, “I am assisting the kids with drawing and painting and having a great time being around little ones. I love DSS especially the Cartoon Surprises.”

Melvita, 8, Indian says, “I went to Reel Mall and saw this Arabic dance and clowns perform. I got my face painted too. I was very happy when I got to see one of my favourite cartoon character Ricky, he looked so nice.” Namrata Sunil, 8, Indian has been to Modesh Fun City more than 9 times and even if blind folded, she can surely find her way. “I love the Spring Garden in Modesh Fun City. I went to Safeer Mall and won a lot of toys as well.” she says.

The themed events cater to all age groups, which widens the appeal and attracts a large number of family visitors too. Parents are flocking to various malls along with their children as it lets them unwind and enjoy various events and workshops in comparison to their sedentary and cliché lives.

DSS is a great time for Faiza, Syrian, a seven- year- old’s mother, to go around the malls with her friends and watch all their children enjoy together. “We went to see the Magic Show at Reef Mall and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I think DSS is great fun and we owe it to DSS for all the fun we’ve had this summer,” she says.

Ruby Sajan, 32, Indian says, “I think DSS is improving by each year. My favourite activities were the Living Fountain in Dubai City Centre and The Flower Show in BurJuman. My kids and I want to finish visiting all the 10 surprises only then we are planning to go for our vacation.”

Dubai Summer Surprises has also accentuated the growth of tourism in Dubai. Every year, during this period, hotels of Dubai play host to a huge influx of tourists who come in from various corners of the globe.

Rahat Verma, 10, a tourist from USA, says “I visited Mall of the Emirates and Modesh Fun City and it was good experience being a part of the event and playing different games.”

Parminder Sendhi, 40, Indian, says, “My children have come down from India for their vacation and they are really enjoying all the fun filled events at the malls and various competitions of DSS.”

Laila Suhail, the DSS Executive Project Director, says “DSS caters to the needs and requirements of children, during their summer vacations where they have fewer options to pass their time. Besides family entertainment, shopping and wining aspects, DSS has a major social and educational responsibility. The overall response has been very encouraging especially in terms of Modhesh Fun City Footfall.”

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