Got a grouse, spell it out on DM’s web site

DUBAI — The public in Dubai can now effectively interact with the civic officials on the constant improvement of services as Dubai Municipality launched a new electronic Suggestions and Complaints Scheme yesterday.

By A Staff Reporter

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Published: Wed 27 Jul 2005, 10:20 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 3:44 PM

The new web page of the scheme is accessible through the municipality’s web portal under the banner “Have Your Say”, or directly through

Addressing a Press conference held to announce the new scheme, Mattar Al Tayer, Deputy Director-General of Dubai Municipality, said the new scheme is a makeover of the Suggestions Scheme, launched in the year 2000. The previous system accepted only suggestions while under the new system, the municipality's customers can make a comment or complaint on specific civic services, he added.

“We are keen to offer our customers the appropriate channels for communication so that they can participate with us in improving the services we offer, by providing innovative suggestions and letting us know what problems they face in dealing with the municipality,” said Al Tayer.

“Sometimes, innovative suggestions from our partners can cut cost, save time and effort and simplify procedures for both the municipality staff and the customers,” he said.

Al Tayer explained that through the new system the suggestions co-ordinators at the municipality can effectively deal with suggestions and complaints from the public and do the necessary follow-up electronically.

Hawa Bastaki, Director of the Administrative Development and Quality Department, said the new system represents the fourth phase of the municipality’s suggestions scheme.

“We started the first suggestions scheme in early 1990s with accepting suggestions on papers and dealing with them manually. In 2002, a web page was created for the scheme as part of the web portal of the municipality, while maintaining the manual forms. In this fourth phase, we have developed a totally advanced electronic system that would be easy to use for both the customers and the municipality staff,” she said.

Ever since the suggestions scheme has been revised in 2000 with a new set of rules for rewarding feasible suggestion providers, the municipality has received some 10,473 suggestions.

So far, as many as 114 individuals have been rewarded a total of Dh620,000 for providing feasible suggestions.

Over this period, the municipality has saved over Dh56 million by applying/implementing these suggestions.


DUBAI — The new system, which provides for accepting complaints from the public, would help the civic staff identify the best methods to solve customers’ problems and adhere to the internationally-known best practices in customer service.

“The main feature of this system is the facility to automatically follow up on the suggestions and complaints. It will electronically register all correspondence and facilitate automatic follow-up with the suggestion provider, study of the suggestions, and follow-up of the performance index each organisational unit through the system,” said AbdulHakim Malik, Director of Information Technology Department.

Also under the scheme, the suggestions can be transferred from one department to another along with scanned documents, if any. Any suggestion that has been post-dated for future reference can be retrieved when necessary, and any update on a particular suggestion will be communicated to the provider as well as the co-ordinator.

The suggestions providers will be provided a user name and password to communicate with the co-ordinators. Communication with the suggestion providers will be done via electronic mail, ordinary mail or SMS.

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