Gordon Ramsay: Food tales and snake hearts

Gordon Ramsay is all set to brave it out in the world of exotic foods from various parts of the world.


Published: Sat 14 Dec 2013, 8:27 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 11:19 AM

One man’s food is another man’s poison and while most people would run a mile at the prospect of eating creepy crawlies that people in other parts of the world eat, celebrity chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay is all set to brave it out in the world of exotic foods from various parts of the world.

Ramsay begins his culinary adventure soon in a television serial, The Great Escape, which will see him venture into far off and largely unfamiliar to the world geographies such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Along the way, in the process of putting the show together, he has eaten manners of insects, worms and, hold your breath, a snake’s heart, that was still beating.

Sources in the know said that this particular up close and personal incident with a snake happened during the Vietnam leg of his new culinary adventure. Ramsay apparently dropped in at a restaurant that serves up the reptile in different culinary forms. As his luck would have it, the owners of the restaurant insisted that he try their signature drink — wine and the snake’s heart and various other parts, crisp and deep fried.

And even though he is known as the bad boy toughie of the culinary world, word is Ramsay was more than worried he would end up in trouble with the snake adventure.

He did not have trouble though and ended the Vietnam leg with other adventures including going off fishing in a bamboo boat and learning how to make a mean stuffed squid, another speciality from the country. And yes, we forgot that he also learnt to prepare fried Tarantula and err, liked the fried legs of the said species.

What we are looking forward to is to see how Ramsay himself will present his interpretation of the stuff that he learnt on this culinary journey. We are fairly sure he will throw in a dash of this, a bit of that and a pinch of the well-know Ramsay touch that has made him the iconic star chef that he is today, to come up with something even more exotic than what he himself tasted during his culinary sojourn.

Way to go, Ramsay. As long as we don’t have to eat that snake heart or the Tarantula legs…

Taking obsession to new heights

Strange are the ways of the bold and the beautiful. At a time when huge parts of the world is going through a recession and thousands die in different parts of the world out of hunger, Brangelina’s one half, good-looking hunk Brad Pitt has apparently bought himself a new toy —a £2 million Spitfire plane!

Pitt’s latest obsession comes from his new movie, ‘Fury’ which uses the fighter aircraft extensively. The Troy star is so intrigued with it that he has bought himself one of the mean machines and is all set to take flying lessons at the Boultbee Flying Academy in Oxford.

“We don’t comment on who we teach, but we have high-profile people. Buying Spitfires is very popular with wealthy individuals,” a Boultbee spokesman recently said. We are more interested in knowing what Pitt’s partner Angelina Jolie, a prominent voice against war, hunger amongst children and other issues, has to say about the rather extravagant new toy that he has acquired.

We would have liked to be a fly on the wall when he announced this plan to buy one.


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