Good-looking shooter

CANON USUALLY makes pretty stylish cameras but few as good-looking as the IXUS 310 HS. It’s a compact digital camera with very good looks available in four colours: silver, brown, gold and pink. Don’t be fooled by the good looks though, the 310 is also a very capable shooter.

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By Magnus Nystedt

Published: Sat 23 Jul 2011, 9:38 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 8:02 AM

A large 3.2-inch LCD panel covers almost all of the rear of the 310 and Canon has almost completely done away with physical buttons. That makes sense since it’s a touchscreen so be prepared to control the camera that way. Although touch interfaces on cameras have come a long way they’re still not as fluid and intuitive as those of, let’s say, iOS, but Canon is getting close to it. Personally I still prefer to have a few dials and knobs on the outside to control but there’s no denying that touch means a sleeker camera.

Unusual for this class of cameras, the 310 has a 24mm wide angle lens with a fast f2.0 maximum aperture. In brief, you can capture more of a scene with the wide angle as well as shoot in lower light without getting blurry pictures. The faster aperture will also allow you to use a faster shutter speed in scenes that demand fast action. This combined with Canon’s DIGIC 4 image processor, makes the 310 take some excellent 12.1-megapixel photographs. If you’re into video there’s also full 1080 HD video recording with stereo sound.

For a bit of fun, there are several creative modes on the 310. What really stands out to me is the Movie Digest, which automatically captures four seconds of video when a still image is taken and then puts those clips together into a sort of diary of what happened that day.

Canon’s IXUS 310 HS is in the market now for Dh1,399.

Magnus Nystedt talks and writes about technology as much as he can. Follow him on Twitter as @mnystedt for the latest on consumer technology in the Middle East.

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