Glam up in gold

Glam up in gold
Here are the latest trends for the style-conscious:

Farhana Chowdhury

Published: Mon 31 Dec 2018, 12:50 PM

Last updated: Mon 31 Dec 2018, 2:54 PM

The precious metal is always in fashion, as it reincarnates in forms that meet the evolving tastes of jewellery lovers. From chunky gold necklaces and dangling ear candy to cocktail rings and intricate headpieces, here are the latest trends for the style-conscious:

Chunky is charming
Bold gold jewellery is back to complement the most basic of outfits. Opt for chunky gold bracelets and necklaces that come in chain forms. This could range from the classic belcher chains that interlock into oval loops, thick pave box chains or even snake chains. Interestingly, jewellery in the shape of coin impressions are now making a statement.

More the merrier
Multiple ear piercings are all the rage, and sparkling pieces of gold studs are a fantastic way to welcome the new year. Pair a petite set of 18-carat gold blocks or hoops, and add an extra oomph with rubies, emeralds, and diamond studs. If you're feeling adventurous, you can pair the precious stones in colours of the rainbow.

Take on the trinkets
With the recent string of celebrity weddings where East meets West, head trinkets are gaining momentum in the world of trends. A dazzling tikli is sure to add a dash of sparkle to your wear. Who says it has to  

Get in the loop
Hoop earrings have a fun and flirty air to them, and 2019 just can't go on without them. Not only do they complement contemporary wear, they fare well with traditional outfits too. The versatile style is up to glam up any occasion. Choose from a variety of big to small hoop earrings, but keep in mind, comfort is key. You definitely don't want to tilt from the weight of trends.

Passionate for pearls
Pearls are no longer associated with grandmas. The vintage look is back looking bigger and bolder. Intricately enclosed in a bed of a gold, your festive outfit is bound to glisten with a set of freshwater pearls. Opt for a simple necklace or try a chunky bracelet to match that snazzy wear.

Layered necklace
Here's an option that could easily be paired with stunning classic wear or a casual set of shirt and jeans. Appealing to both worlds, layered necklaces boast an air of simplicity and screams contemporary, regardless of the era we live in. You can either go with multiple mid-length pieces, or combine a choker with a majestic long trinket.

It's time to blow off the dust and embrace the return of the antique ornaments. Inspired by flora and fauna, artisans offer an unlimited variety of brooches that are aesthetically charming enough to jazz up your contemporary garment. Brooches are fantastic as a wearable, and can even be passed on as an heirloom since gold holds timeless value and charm.

Not sure what you're looking for? Head to your favourite jewellers and they're sure to assist you on your next style investment.


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