Girl kidnapped, raped for 3 days

FUJAIRAH — The Fujairah Court has sentenced six UAE nationals to seven to 10-year prison terms for kidnapping a Chinese girl from her home and taking her to a remote and deserted area, where they held her hostage for three consecutive days and took turns in brutally raping her. The defendants — Fahd Rashid, Ahmad Saeed, Khaled Ahmad, Hamd Eissa and his two brothers, Omar and Fayez, got acquainted with the girl, who informed them of her address, but refused to have a sexual relationship with them. Consequently, they threatened her with a knife and forced her to get into their car. They drove to a remote building, where she was brutally raped, and badly beaten up.

Upon her release, the girl went to the police and lodged a complaint against the culprits, who were apprehended and identified by the victim. In court, the girl narrated her story in detail, whereas the defendants claimed that she was of ill-repute and that they came to know of her from a former illicit relationship that she had with a friend of theirs.

The court ruled a 10-year prison term for Khaled Ahmad, Ahmad Saeed, Hamd Eissa, and his brother Omar and sentenced Fahd Rashid and Fayez Eissa to 7 years in prison.

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