Getting back to work and get going

Returning to the daily grind after a week-long holiday and merriment is a thought that even the most dedicated staff would cringe at.

by Dhanusha Gokulan

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Published: Sat 25 Aug 2012, 9:04 AM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 1:04 PM

Working residents in the UAE have enjoyed flexible Ramadan timings and then the long Eid Al Fitr holidays, which were officially only till Monday for the private sector and Tuesday for the public sector but were stretched throughout the week by many.

For Genevieve M, a software professional, coming back to work is something that she doesn’t look forward to. “The Eid holidays were a long weekend which extended to Monday. We had only two days to work, after which it was the weekend again. So, I took Tuesday, Wednesday off and went to Oman for a long holiday with the family. So getting back to work is not something I am looking forward to,” said Genevieve.

Like her, most professionals are usually not very happy about getting back to ‘slogging it out’, but surprisingly many say that they are glad to be back in the office. Those with indoor jobs are hoping things would pick up within a week and outdoor construction employees are hoping for summer months to come to an end.

Jason Joy, a ground improvement specialist who works out in the heat for most of his work hours, said, “There was a general slump in work during the holy month of Ramadan. We would start the day at 5am and finish by around 12 noon. See, I am a bachelor. It’s for men with their families here who will find it hard to get back to work.”

He added, “I spend most of the Eid holidays with a few relatives which was great. As for coming back to work, I love my job,” said Joy.

Mithun T. M. (25) is a mechanical engineer by profession, but is into site inspection. Mithun, who started working in the UAE recently, said: “I have come to find that it gets difficult sometimes, but I am hoping things will get better after the summer months. This Eid, I didn’t go out anywhere. I sat at home, spend time with some friends.”

Biju Balan, an employee of a software firm, said: “My usual work timings with the company are from 9-5. I did not have any particular plans for the Eid holidays. I was at home and I caught up with a lot of movies. The change in timings doesn’t make much of a difference as well. As for work, it feels great to get back to work. I love my job.”

Some employees said that the ‘back-to-work’ blues would last only for a day or two and the general laziness would vanish later. Productivity is expected to improve once businesses go full steam.

Dhanusha Gokulan
Dhanusha Gokulan

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