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Get into the holiday mood

Get into the holiday mood

Download some simple apps that will make all pesky decision-making feel like fun.


Janice Rodrigues

Published: Fri 8 Apr 2016, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Fri 8 Apr 2016, 10:18 AM

It's that time of the year when we're all longingly thinking about those summer hols. Beach views and bonfires await, but hold your horses for now - because behind every great vacation, lies some pretty detailed planning. If you usually opt for spontaneity instead of list-making, then don't worry. All you have to do is download some simple apps that will make all pesky decision-making feel like fun. In John Green's words, "The pleasure isn't in doing the thing, the pleasure is in planning it". So download them, and you're one step closer to a fuss-free holiday.
The moment you're thinking about a vacation, Hopper is the app to check out. Just put in your details - where you are leaving from, your ultimate destination - and it instantly tells you when's the best time to book those tickets. The app highlights the peak travel season for each country, so you know which months are the most expensive, and when is the cheapest time to go visit. It also notifies you when prices drop, advises you on the cheapest airports to go to, and helps you book a deal.
Every holiday needs an itinerary. All you have to do is forward your hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmations to Tripit, and it creates an instant schedule that you can access anytime (even offline). The app is super useful even when you're on a visit, because it gives you directions for each destination and syncs your plans with Google calendar. And if you're travelling with a group, you can edit plans manually and share your changes via email.
Thinking of having a spring break-esque holiday with your best pal? Splittr makes all the money matters easy by keeping track of who spent what, and who owes whom. All you have to do is enter who paid how much as you go along your holiday, and the app does all those complicated calculations for you. It works for all currencies (you can even mix currencies) and you don't need an Internet connection either. This ?one is a dream for budget travellers.
How many times have you had that nagging feeling you're leaving something behind when packing? Packpoint is pretty self-sufficient because once you punch in details like your destination, length of stay and purpose for the visit (business or pleasure?), it creates a personalised packing checklist. It does this by taking into account everything from the weather forecasts to activities you plan on doing. You can also save the list and share it with your friends and family, ?just in case.

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