GEMS Modern Academy: Enabled leaders of tomorrow

Class of 2019-2020
Class of 2019-2020

Meet three empowered students of GEMS Modern Academy who are ready to embark on a new journey

I glow from the inside.
Anjali Ravindran
ISC Percentage: 82%

For me, the word 'journey' does not focus on the end, but on the present. I live and celebrate each day instead of worrying about the future. Life is like a journey by train and during the journey one is bound to face many ups and downs. The scariest day of my life was when I decided to step into school. I entered my classroom and sat quietly at the first empty desk I saw. I gazed in wonder at children playing and talking to each other and secretly harbored the fear of being an outcaste and being left alone because of my physical abilities. But those were just my fears, the children around me did not bother about the way I walked or spoke. All they saw was ME- another student -quite like them. Soon everyone became friends with me when they realized what a prankster I can be despite my pains and difficulties.
I learnt to take everything in my stride. In fact, I started laughing at my circumstances and concentrated on my studies and friends instead. I am so glad that I had a school like Modern and teachers who accepted me the way I am. Some call me 'specially-abled', some call me 'God's child' and as I continue my journey, taking my first step towards my career, I thank my well-wishers, parents and friends who encouraged me to battle all the challenges that come my way, and to glow from the inside.

Confidence boost
Pranavi Vasalamarry Bhardwaj
ISC Percentage: 79.05%

Being hearing-impaired can be a deterrent for many but I am grateful that my experience was very different. Under the guidance of my teachers, supervisors and family, I was able to complete my academic commitments, explore my talents and discover the person I am.
I was a very mild and reserved student, but now I have a better understanding of who I am and what I want to accomplish in life. My self-confidence is better than it has ever been. I do still wonder about the things that the future will bring and if there will be a time when I will be able to hear better; but in the meantime, I live every day to its fullest and take nothing for granted.

Dreaming big
Eshwinder Kaur
ISC Percentage: 91.25%

Having a disability does make life harder. From having physical limitations that add endless challenges to the societal ones that are not so often talked about or addressed. With the constant support of the SEND department at my school, I have learned to accept and embrace myself and strive to be the best version of myself each day. At Modern, I imbibed a spirit of determination. To be honest, school was never about receiving the best grades or other tokens of appreciation because I know that my accomplishments are much greater.
I would like to thank everyone who motivated and inspired me to dream bigger and achieve more. I am grateful.

Every child is special
Nargish Khambatta, Principal, Vice President - Education, GEMS Modern Academy

At Modern, we go to great lengths to ensure our children value themselves so they are not dependent on external validation to construct their image of 'self'. We are privileged to have been entrusted with the audacious Anjali, ever-smiling Eshwinder and perseverent Pranavi. They have overcome obstacles and embraced every opportunity with the support of their friends, teachers and families. We bid them adieu as they embark on their university journey, equipped to serenade the future.

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