Garbage dumped in residential areas

AJMAN - Public health and environment is being affected in Al Jurf district in Ajman by the accumulated tyres, garbage and other wastes dumped in a site located close to residential areas.

By Afkar Ali Abdulla

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Published: Sat 2 Aug 2003, 11:53 AM

Last updated: Wed 1 Apr 2015, 10:08 PM

A large quantity of trash has accumulated close to the residential areas in Al Jarf and with the wind's direction, garbage such as papers and plastic bags are driven towards the residential areas and also piled up in the streets.

Mohammed Mukhtar, a resident of Al Jarf area, said that during the night, the wind blows all the garbage towards their residence and a lot of foul-smelling garbage accumulates in front of his house.

Muntassir Al Maqboul said that the environment of this area is badly polluted by garbage and waste that is being filled up by the municipality and the waste of fertiliser manufacturing companies in this area.

Khalid Al Mihaili said that the factories around this area are not concerned with the public health and preservation of environment, and a large number of people are affected by this mess. "The accumulated tyres bring insects and rats to the residential buildings and they can also catch fire," he commented.

Mohammed Saeed Al Basha said that the site poses a hazard to public health as many people are being exposed to high levels of contamination. "A follow-up public health action is strongly needed," he said.

Mohammed Yousif, Head of the Waste Section at Ajman Municipality, said that the accumulated trash in that area was dumped by the nearby fertiliser factory. He further said that the municipality has several times notified the director of the factory, Al Bagir Makki, and asked him to find a proper solution.

He further explained that a trench was dug by the municipality in this site a long time ago as there were no residents here, but now due to the expansion of housing plans in the area the residential complexes have come closer to the trench.

"When the municipality trucks dump the garbage in the trench, the workers make sure that the trash is not accumulated in an open area, but the waste that belongs to the factories should be controlled by installing fence that keeps the trash unexposed to the wind.

Mr Yousif admitted that the tyres belong to the municipality. "The tyres were dumped there after the municipality made sure they will not cause any hazard to public health," he said, adding that the tyres are being collected there to be transported for recycling by a recycling company in Ras Al Khaimah.

"The municipality has a waste treatment plan which will be implemented soon and it will also change the site of the trench and find isolated area, far from the residential areas," Mr Yousif said.

Mr Makki admitted that some part of the garbage belongs to the factory but said that the municipality was also responsible for part of it. He explained that while the municipality trucks unload the waste, most of the light trash is blown towards the residential areas due to winds. He further said that the only solution to the problem was to adopt a recycling system that could be implemented in the emirate and set up co-ordination between the factory and municipality to treat the waste problem.

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