Gangs of car thieves busted in Sharjah

SHARJAH — The Criminal Investigation Department of Sharjah Police busted three gangs, comprising 30 people, who were involved in car thefts and smuggling during the past two weeks.


Amira Agarib

Published: Thu 17 Jul 2008, 1:50 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 6:13 PM

The gangs included eight minors.

The police claimed this was the biggest such operation in the region.

Major Yosuf Mohammed Musa Al Naqbi said recently that the first gang, comprising its Indian mastermind, another Indian and two Russians, had stolen 11 luxury cars.

The gang also purchased 25 other cars from people who then filed false police complaints that their cars had been stolen to get the insurance money, he said.

The police found that most of the car theft complaints filed were false and arrested the owners on the charges of fraud.

Al Naqbi said the police managed to arrest the mastermind, Ahmed Nazir, who had been involved in a number of car thefts in several countries. He was earlier deported from Japan for the same crime.

He said the police also managed to arrest two Russians who were caught driving luxury cars.

They had advanced equipment and technology to manufacture keys to open and steal modern cars. Scanners, mobile phones, keys, 47 fake credit cards, cameras, forged visit visas and foreign currencies were seized from them.

The arrested also included another Indian, Mohammed Khaled Sheikh, who helped in most of the car thefts by the gang.

The police seized a laptop which had information about the stolen cars smuggled abroad.

The police are completing legal procedures to return the stolen cars to their original owners.

In the second case, the police arrested 16 people, including a number of Arab nationals, for allegedly stealing cars.

The police first arrested a Syrian national, Ahmed Jamal, who was found driving a stolen Prado.

He confessed that he had come to the UAE on a visit visa two months ago.

He stole a number of cars with the help of his partner who had brought him to the country for the purpose.

He said that 14 Arab nationals, including his partner, and a Russian were helping him in stealing the cars and smuggling them abroad.

During the interrogation, all 16 confessed to the crime and added they had also stolen money from the stolen cars and car rental agencies.

In the third case, the police arrested a Pakistani national, Mohammed Janneed Hanif, who was the leader of a gang.

He used eight teens of Asian nationalities to steal the cars.

The police also arrested his Indian partner, Mohammed Saeed.

The gang was involved in a number of car thefts in Sharjah Industrial Area.

Brigadier Humid Al Hudaidi, Director of Sharjah Police, said using minors for thefts is a serious issue.

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