Fruit Bowl blog, a big hit

DUBAI — The Fruit Bowl blog, launched by careers portal Gradberry in December, has proven to be a hit with students, graduates and career professionals, accumulating over 500,000 views and 600 daily visits in just two months.

Aiming to provide career resources and advice to students and fresh graduates from the Middle East, the blog focuses on innovative methods to land a job and tips to stand out from the crowd.With over 50 active blog posts on The Fruit Bowl, the site is uploaded daily with new posts. The articles are written by a team of 14 students and graduates from all over the world, each bringing their own insight and experience.

Mariam Khafagy, a chemical engineering student at the American University of Sharjah whose blog post on basic Arabic phrases is the most viewed on the site, was considering changing her career path when she came across the job posting for a blogger. “It seemed like an opportunity to try this (blogging) out and see if I actually enjoy it as much as I thought,” said Khafagy.

“I absolutely love the fact that we are a team of under-23-year-olds working together to create what has proven to be a great success so far. I’m really proud to be part of an incredibly talented team,” she added.

The Fruit Bowl has recently added an entertainment element to the blog through an original comic called “Apples and Oranges,” one of the first in the Middle East. Conceptualised by Gradberry CEO Iba Masood, the comic is set in parallel universes of student and graduate life and highlights how students and graduates are two sides of the same coin. —

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