Free medical check-ups 
at Al Ain Hospital

AL AIN — Al Ain Hospital will organise free medical checkups and will provide free health tips through the Al Quran Al Kareem radio channel during 

The free medical check-ups will be held at Al Ain, Bawadi, Al Jimi and Al Zaafarana Malls in Al Ain. The check-ups will include comprehensive tests to ascertain the general health condition of a person, such as measuring the individual’s body mass index (BMI), blood sugar levels, blood pressure and lung function.

The lung function tests will include measurement of oxygen, carbon monoxide, screening of bronchial asthma and airway limitations caused by tobacco smoking and other related problems.

“The task is to provide the community with information needed for prevention and self management of lung-related diseases and provide them with necessary medical and advisory support,” said Dr Saber Meshal, head of the Respiratory Department at Al Ain Hospital.

“One of the major objectives is to make the community aware of self-responsibility in taking care of their health, which we believe is very important,” said Prof. Gerhard Schwab, medical director of the hospital.

As part of its advisory activities, Al Ain Hospital has also partnered with Al Quran Al Kareem Radio channel to spread the message of good health. Experts from the hospital will air free health tips on the radio channel to inform the community on safe and healthy practices during the month of Ramadan.

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