Former students in UAE mourn death of 'beloved' Hindi teacher

Former students in UAE mourn death of beloved Hindi teacher
Chitra Angre with her daughter Nikita.

Sharjah - The 59-year-old former schoolteacher in Sharjah was instantly killed in a freak accident in Mumbai.


Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Sun 6 Jan 2019, 8:54 PM

Last updated: Sun 6 Jan 2019, 11:02 PM

Former students of Chitra Angre, who died in a tragic accident in Pune, India, were shocked to learn about what happened to their beloved Hindi teacher.
According to media reports, Chitra, a 59-year-old former schoolteacher in Sharjah; her husband Avinash Angre; and their 26-year-old daughter Nikita were instantly killed in a freak accident when a cement truck toppled over and landed on three cars on the Mumbai-Pune expressway on Friday. Both the mother and daughter were killed on the spot, while the father succumbed to injuries later that night. 
Avinash, a former employee of a paint company in Dubai, and his family, returned to India after their daughters had completed their education, said sources close to the family.
For several years, Chitra taught Hindi at Sharjah Indian School (SIS). Though the exact year of her departure from the school is unclear, former students and teachers remembered Chitra and her daughter Nikita fondly.
Jabina Kadeen Khan, a supervisor in the school's boys' section, confirmed that Chitra used to work at SIS as a Hindi teacher. "She worked in the school for many years. It was very shocking to learn that she's gone." 
Suchitra Menon, a Dubai-based banker and one of Chitra's former students, was also "very close" to her daughter Nikita. 
She told Khaleej Times: "She was my Hindi teacher in Grade 6 and her daughter was my childhood friend. When Nikita moved to another school, we lost contact. However, I will never forget Ma'am Chitra. I think she also resigned only a few years ago. She moved to India to be close to her daughters." 
"She was a lovely teacher. She was one of the best Hindi teachers I have ever had."
Sajini Menon, Suchitra's mother and senior school supervisor, has been a teacher at SIS for over 34 years. She said: "Chitra and I were close when she worked and lived here. She was well-loved among all her students. She was a great teacher. She taught both my son and daughter." 
Haider Gheewala, one of Chitra's students, told Khaleej Times: "All I can remember is that she has never pinched or used a scale on me. She was very calm and never loud."
Another pupil Prashant Bose said: "She was my Hindi teacher in Grade 7. She was one among the few teachers who went that extra mile to teach me. My Hindi scores picked up when she became my teacher. She was very friendly and always encouraged students to speak in Hindi during her classes. 
"During the class farewell, she also wrote a message for me in my autograph book. I still have it with me back home. She wrote, 'Sabar ka phal meeta hota hai (The fruit of patience is sweet), wish you all the best."

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