Fog May Hinder Travel Plans in Coming Days

ABU DHABI — Foggy conditions may cause travel hiccups in the coming days as mist engulfed some parts of the country on Tuesday.

By Anwar Ahmad

Published: Thu 31 Dec 2009, 12:01 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:29 AM

Unstable weather conditions in the region brings sometimes precipitation, cold waves and now the formation of fog and, is very dangerous particularly for motorists and fishermen.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), there is no chance of rain and fog in the country today and the weather will be fair to partly cloudy in general, and pleasant due to the cold breeze during the day.

The seas will remain rough due to strong winds blowing from north to north-easterly in the Arabian Gulf at a speed of 8-16 knots onshore and offshore 12-18 knots and it will remain the same till Thursday, the NCMS said.

The wind speed in the internal parts of the country will be 4 to 6 metres per second reaching 8 metres per second at times and will be blowing from north-westerly to northerly, the met department said. Sea waves height in the deep on Tuesday was 5-7 feet.

More clouds will be seen over the western areas of the country on Thursday, which will probably bring in rain by late night.

The chance of rain will increase on Friday on New Year’s eve, the NCMS predicted.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi and Dubai did not report formation of fog on Tuesday and the met department ruled out of any chance of it today saying that generally they get to know about fog formation an hour ago, an NCMS official said.

Motorists and fishermen must prepare themselves to fight foggy weather conditions, the NCMS urged.

NCMS officials urged motorists to slow down their speed as fog might engulf them suddenly during night and early morning hours.

NCMS also warned fishermen to not venture out to the deep sea as visibility levels could be low and asked them to equip them with all necessary fog related tools which might help them in emergencies.

The maximum temperature in the country will be 22-27 degrees Celsius and minimum 10-17 and the maximum humidity level will be 75-99 per cent and minimum 45-60 per cent.

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