Five get 5-year jail terms
for human trafficking

DUBAI — Three Uzbek women visitors and two unemployed Afghan men — all members of a racket — were each sentenced to five-year imprisonment on Thursday as they were found guilty of human trafficking and forcing a Kyrgyz woman into prostitution.

By Mary Nammour

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Published: Sat 30 Oct 2010, 12:31 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 4:36 PM

The women were also given additional six-month jail terms for indulging in prostitution.

The two Afghans and a Bangladeshi man were also sentenced to six months in jail for running a brothel in an apartment.

One of the Afghans and the Bangladeshi were also given addition three-year imprisonment for raping the victim. The Court of First Instance also ordered that they be deported after serving their jail terms and closure of the apartment.

Two women — a Kyrgyz and another one whose nationality is not known — were also wanted by the authorities on human trafficking charge. One of them is accused of selling the Kyrgyz victim to the other absconder, who sold the complainant to one of the arrested defendants.

According to the case, the 22-year-old Kyrgyz woman complained to the police claiming that she was offered the job of a pastry chef with $700 monthly salary, a visit visa, flight ticket and accommodation in Dubai by a compatriot woman. When she arrived in Dubai on April 28 last year, a woman, other than the one who offered her the job, was waiting for her. When she enquired about her woman acquaintance, she was told that she had sold her for $32,000.

“The woman (whose nationality is not known) who picked me up from the airport told me that I belonged to her from then and that I should repay her the money which she had paid to buy me before I could go back to my country,” she told the police.

The woman who bought her told her that she would work as a prostitute to pay her dues. She used to beat her up.

“I was forced to have sex with 10 men the first day. The men beat me up on provocation from that woman when I refused to have sex with them.”

She said the woman told the men to tame her. One of the Afghan men threatened her at knifepoint that he would kill her. He told her to pay back the money that had been spent on her.He then raped her. The other Afghan defendant burnt her hands with lit cigarettes and threatened her that she would die if she did not do as they said. Even the women members of the racket used to assault her if she resisted.

One day, she was told that the Bangladeshi defendant would be her boyfriend. “That man said that he had paid Dh500 to have sex with me. He raped me which caused bleeding. He raped me twice again,” the complainant said.

On May 2 last year, the Bangladeshi man got the complainant in a cab and paid the driver asking him to drive her to his place. As the driver saw assault marks on her face and upon her request for help, he took her to the Kyrgyz Consulate. From there, she was brought to the Naif police station.

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