FAHR rolls out Performance Management System

DUBAI - Federal Authority for Government Resources (FAHR) launched today the trial programme of the Performance Management System for the Federal Government Employees.

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Published: Tue 28 Jun 2011, 11:29 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:41 AM

The System aims to develop and encourage the continuous education culture and increasing the professional development chances and to enable the Federal Government entities decide and evaluate the employees so as to maintain high level of competence and distinctive performance.

Humaid Al Qattami, Minister of Education and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Federal Authority for Government Resources, said the system is part of FAHR’s initiatives and supports the UAE vision 2021.

The performance appraisal mechanism, he said, would lay down principles of fairness, transparency and equality among all federal government employees and herald a new era of serious work where negligents will find themselves flying away from the flock.

He explained that work in the experimental stage for Performance Management System would continue until the end of current year and would draw 800 employees from six federal entities : the Ministries of Finance and Public Works, National Media Council, National Transport Authority, Shaikh Zayed Housing Programme and FAHR.

According to him, the trial in these entities will provide a compass for official application of the system.

Abdul Rahman Al Awar, FAHR Director General, said the employees involved would undergo three workshops on planning, periodical review and annual evaluation and calculation of allowances and rewards.

“The official launch of the system at the federal government level will be in 2012,”he indicated.

Nasser Al Hamili, Executive Director of Human Resources Policy at FAHR, explained that a ministerial committee headed by Shaikh Hamdan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Works and Chairman of National Media

Council, designed the system and approved it.

He added that Sheikh Hamdan had shown fervent enthusiasm to have the novel system applied in entities under his stewardship : Ministry of Public Works, Shaikh Zayed Housing Programme and National Media Council, because the have sound technical infrastructure conducive to smooth implementation of the system.

“The Performance Management System for the employees will be applied for all federal ministries and entities regardless of type and period of the contract or occupational grade with exception to members of judiciary and jobs related to service posts,”he said.

He stated that Federal Government is endeavoring through preparation of the system to lay down a methodology that guarantees linking performance with achievement gratuity and distinction results and improvement productivity of the employees through evaluation of their annual performance to be in harmony with objectives of the Federal Government and to compatibility of strategic objectives of the Department under Federal Government and enhancing the same at individual level as well as to encourage and enhance the individual achievements within spirit of team-working.

He added that the objective of the System is to ensure concentration on achieving the institutional objective of Federal Government and for this purpose the main aspects of the system is evolving around two important pillars : objectives and efficiency.

He pointed out that the second pillar (efficiency) is represented in the method and the mechanism that determine how the employee accomplishes his objective as per the general frame of behavioral efficiency whereas the general frame of behavioral efficiency includes two groups of efficiency being (three leadership and six basic) both of which have been developed as per priorities and strategic values and the principle of professional behaviour and ethics of public job related to Federal Authority.

The interim revision, he added, would be carried out during June and July of each year by reviewing the achieved objectives and duties as agreed upon in the annual performance instrument in order to realize points of strength and to enhance the same and weak points and tackle the same.

The evaluation of the annual performance will be the last stage in the cycle of Performance Management and will be conducted in November and December where the final evaluation of the performance of employee is made as per the approved criteria provided for in the System.

During the three stages, continuous periodic review will be made which includes the importance of guidance and monitoring of the achievements in the light of annual performance instrument and getting use of feed back.

It is expected that application of this system will produce performance rules and criteria of annual evaluation of the employees.

He added that the System is based on five main principles : strategic compatibility, enhancing the culture of performance of personnel to develop their performance, participation of the employees in planning and setting down the objectives, encouraging chief officers to evaluate feed back on performance of employees and link promotions, bonus, allowances and training with the level of performance as well as fostering values of equality, justice and credibility through application of this System.

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