Face Value

When it rains, it pours troubles. At least that seems to be the case with England striker Wayne Rooney. As if it weren’t enough that the poor chap has an egg on his face thanks to the completely lackluster performance in the FIFA World Cup, he is now being ridiculed for something that is not his fault.


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Published: Sat 17 Jul 2010, 11:22 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 3:51 AM

Reports said a dating website, BeautifulPeople.com is now claiming that the Manchester United hotshot was voted the ugliest player in the world by voters who cast their votes online.

Rooney is not likely to feel too isolated though because countryman and team mate John Terry also finds a place in the top 10 ugliest players list!

Meanwhile, the 200,000 people who voted also cast their vote for the best looking guys and Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro, France’s Thierry Henry, and David Villa of Spain are amongst those who found favour.

Voting is still on for the competition but we wish someone would remind these voters that these folks are being paid to play a great game, not walk the ramp.

Not that we are complaining there are a few hunks jazzing up the game!

Flying Ford

We know him as one of the best actors in the business and also one of the most drool-inducing men in Hollywood. It turns out now that Harrison Ford is in the business of acting not just because he loves what he is doing but also because it helps him bankroll his indulgences.

Reports said the Indiana Jones star takes on roles these days so that he can continue flying the planes that he owns and he does own a few aviation vehicles. At 67, Ford is still a sought-after presence in the industry but the star recently said the money he gets for his movies helps keep his hobby alive. “I’m so grateful that people still want to see me on screen. With my fees I can finance my armada. If I didn’t get roles anymore I would have to go by plane as a normal passenger.”

And before you think this is an actor with big attitude, the star said the rest of his life was fairly simple. “I live frugally; I have never bought a single suit my whole life. Instead, I just wear the clothes from my films.”

Wonder how brand-new wife Calista Flockhart reacts to this confession….

Hard Road

Pop star Lady Gaga never regrets the days she worked as a waitress in bars and worked in burlesque clubs to finance her dreams to become a singer. The days of non-stop hard work, odd hours and counting the pennies during the days she moved out of her parents’ comfortable home and moved into a tiny New York apartment was part of the journey for one of the most successful stars of recent times.

Reports said the star refused to take “handouts” from her parents who continued to support her decision of being a singer, even if they did not approve. “If you want something really bad, you have to be prepared to put yourself through anything, work your backside off and never stop,” she said. The decision to rough it out “gave me the work ethic I have today and it gave me a feeling that there was something honorable about doing it all myself with no handouts.”

Travel Time

Pretty Woman star and full-time mother Julia Roberts is preparing to take off to such exotic locations as Italy, India, and Bali. Minus her kids and husband.

No, she is not going to be on vacation in these destinations but is likely to be working hard promoting her new movie, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love, scheduled for release next month.

Roberts, who spent a couple of weeks at an unidentified ashram in India and even had a stint staying with the Nawab of Pataudi, while shooting the India leg of the movie, is likely to meet Congress President Ms. Sonia Gandhi, when she arrives in India.

Gilbert’s best-selling memoir tracks her spiritual journey after a bitter divorce. The journey takes her on a trip to Italy to learn the language, a stay in an ashram in India for discovering herself and a trip to Bali to learn yoga from a maverick medicine man there.

The Erin Brokovich star, who continues to be one of Hollywood’s highest paid actress despite the fact that she does very select films because she prefers being with her children, seems to have delivered yet another of her committed performances in the new movie.

“I’m still all emotional about it... It’s essentially like this amazing director and this great actress and this cinematographer got together and made me a home movie of my year’s journey, but they photoshopped me out and replaced me with somebody with really amazing skin and 38-inch legs,” Gilbert, who went on the Oprah show in May this year , said. There is a reason we all love this pretty woman!


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