Expatriate Acquitted of Robbery

DUBAI — The Court of First Instance acquitted on Wednesday a Tunisian resident of the charge of forcibly stealing Dh500 and a golden necklace from an ex-female flatmate.

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Published: Fri 10 Jul 2009, 12:46 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 7:55 PM

The defendant, 22, who works in a customer service section, was accused of stealing Dh500 from an eastern European woman and snatching her golden necklace after he threatened and intimidated her. The complainant alleged at the police station on May 6 that she was robbed by the defendant with whom she used to share the same accommodation along with another man in Sharjah.

According to her story, she could not afford paying the rent and she had to move out leaving her luggage in the apartment as a guarantee that she would come back to pay.

“I went with my girlfriend to meet him in his apartment in International City to pay him some money and get back my belongings as per an agreement between us,” the woman recounted. “He did not allow my friend in,”she added. He allegedly started to shout at her while claiming his money.

“Suddenly, he pulled off my necklace. I tried to calm him down by givinghim Dh500.”

As soon as the money was in his hand the Tunisian did not keep his promise of giving the woman her luggage.

Instead he allegedly went out ofthe flat. “He claimed my stuff was in another flat. So once we walked out of the place and he closed the door he said bye bye,” she said. The plaintiff’s companion stated in the investigation that her friend walked out of the flat crying. “There were red marks around her neck and her necklace was not there”.

The witness added that her friend and the Tunisian continued their argument outside the building. “She wanted her necklace and the Dh500 while he argued for Dh1,500 he claimed she owed him.”

Two Jailed for HavingSex out of Wedlock

The Court of First Instance on Wednesday sentenced an Uzbek woman visitor to six months in jail, followed by deportation, for having illicit sex and indulging in prostitution.

Her partner in crime, a 28-year-old Egyptian waiter, was also sentenced to six months in jail and deportation after serving the jail term for having sex out of wedlock.

According to court records, the 25-year-old Uzbek woman approached Iranian Hospital on April 19 this year with bleeding due to miscarriage.

“While on duty, I came to know about the woman defendant who was received as an urgent case. As I asked her about how she got pregnant, she told me about her sexual relation with the male defendant,” a police officer told the interrogators.

The officer said, “She told me that she had met the defendant about a year prior to the miscarriage and she moved in with him in an apartment in Al Mutaina.” The two had sex regularly and she got pregnant.

As she had severe bleeding on April 19, she went to the hospital.

The police caught the Egyptian the next day. “During interrogation, he admitted to having sex with the woman for months,” the witness added.

The woman also admitted to indulging in prostitution.


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