Exhibiting an unusual mix

Established in 2008, Tashkeel is a cross-cultural centre of art for artists and designers living and working in the UAE. From painting to photography, printmaking and textile printing, jewellery and 3D techniques artists display a spectacular array of designs at different exhibitions.

By Mrudvi Bakshi

Published: Fri 13 Aug 2010, 9:00 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:22 PM

This year’s annual exhibit features creations by its members, workshop participants and exhibiting artists. It is a vivid collection of work ranging from jewellery, drawings, painting, printmaking, photography and textiles. “It is a great opportunity for our members to bring forward their best designs, because we at Tashkeel work for a difference and strive towards achieving it,” says Khalid Mezaina, project coordinator at Tashkeel.

The entrance of the hall has paintings created using the printmaking technique — a form that uses screen and lino print techniques, which is inspired by traditional art and design. “We emphasise more on hand made creations; all our pieces have a traditional touch to them, our quest being to keep our culture alive,” says Khalid.

Eye-pleasing pieces made by designers from different cultural backgrounds reflect this ethos. Besides this, paintings in the mixed media category are also something to look out for. The paintings within this category are a striking blend of oil and ink paints combined with different photographs. One of the photographs projected in the show includes ‘The EDG’ (Experimental Darkroom Group), which showcases the results of members who participated in the photography workshop, and made use of the Tashkeel darkroom. A lot of the photographers display their analogue photographic experience, but other photography projects exhibited in the show are mainly based on digital photography, with themes of documentation.

One artist included in the show is American Joshua Watts. His piece, is a combination of several mediums including gum dichromate photography, acrylic, screen print and drawing on wood, with dimensions of 42 inches by 48 inches. This piece is his interpretation of a conversation that took place on a public street in Florence one summer — as residents walked by and tourists snapped pictures, two men were engaged in an intense conversation while sitting on the pavement. Representing a timeless opposition of views, the pessimist and the optimist are seen debating with one another, leaving the passing crowd to decide which standpoint to believe in.

Besides paintings, Tashkeel is a hub for jewellery-making enthusiasts to produce their best. The 3D jewellery studios, being equipped with machines such as laser cutters, fan circulated ovens, band saws, disk belt sanders, polishers, saws, orbital sanders and disc sanders, bring out stunning results.

A great place for all art enthusiasts and amateurs, a visit to the exhibition is highly recommended if you have an eye for art, or are an amateur art-lover. The exhibition runs until September 16. For more information please visit www.tashkeel.org.


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