Evicted tenants find new homes in Sharjah

Evicted tenants find new homes in Sharjah

Sharjah - Around 400 tenants were evicted from the building near Clock Tower Roundabout.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Thu 28 Jun 2018, 11:23 PM

Last updated: Fri 29 Jun 2018, 1:33 AM

Tenants of a Sharjah building, who were left homeless after being cheated by the building manager, have started moving into new homes after the authorities stepped in to help them collect their belongings from their apartments.
Around 400 tenants were evicted from the building near Clock Tower Roundabout, after the manager collected rent from them, without notifying them that the building had been sold to another owner following a court verdict. Following complaints and media reports, Sharjah authorities intervened and resolved the issue of the tenants.
Ahmed Rajab, a tenant who works as a technician in a construction company, said that the municipality and the police called the tenants and allowed them to enter their apartments to take all their belongings, including passports, clothes and money. "I managed to rent a room in a furnished apartment as I was promised another apartment in the same area."
Mohammed Karar, another tenant who also works in a construction company, said that he received all his belongings and then rented a bed space in an apartment in Al Qasimiya area. "I slept in the mosque for two days, but now my problem is solved, thank God and the authorities."
Another tenant said he renewed the tenancy contract without obtaining any municipality documentation or receipt because he trusted the manager. "I had been dealing with him for a long time. We are all victims and lost our money. Now, I am staying with a relative until I can find an accommodation, probably by this weekend."
Three workers said their company provided them with shelter in the labour accommodation in the Sharjah industrial area.
The court ordered the tenants to be evicted from the building to hand it over to the new owner. The municipality notified the tenants on May 22 to vacate their units but they failed to comply with the notice. The municipality and the Sharjah Police had to execute the court order, forcing the tenants to leave the building. Initially, they were denied entry to the apartments to get their belongings. However, the municipality responded to the requests of the tenants to allow them to collect their belongings from their apartments. The municipality, in a statement, confirmed its willingness to help the tenants and opened the apartments for them to get their documents and personal belongings after the building was handed over to the new owner. The statement pointed out that the previous management of the building had failed to pay the new owner's money, which forced him to go to the court. The court ordered that the building be evicted before handing it over to its owner.
The municipality stressed that it did not conduct the eviction without warning. On the contrary, the tenants were informed in advance and a circular was pasted in front of the building. Even after a month, the tenants did not comply with the circular. It also noted that the workers were given accommodation in the building manager in violation of the law that prevents workers and bachelors in the area.
An official at the Sharjah Police said they received the order from the court and the municipality and worked accordingly. While taking charge of the building, the police dealt with the issue professionally and even helped some tenants to carry out their furniture.

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