'Every time I read the Quran, I discover something new'

Dubai - Luis Carreno is a 36-year-old from Colombia who embraced Islam in January 2018

By Luis Carreno

Published: Thu 17 May 2018, 9:37 PM

Last updated: Wed 23 May 2018, 3:00 PM

What is the emotion of someone who is experiencing something for the first time? He is nervous, right? That's exactly how I've been feeling since the night before my first ever Ramadan fast.
After the night prayers of Taraweeh that I performed in a congregation at the mosque, I decided to go to bed early in order to wake up early for Suhoor. So, I wanted to give myself a good rest.
I aimed at waking up well in advance for Suhoor, in order to have ample time to eat and drink that early in the morning. But although I went to bed by 9.30pm, I was unable to sleep for the initial hour and a half or so. I was getting anxious and had thoughts running through my mind such as 'will I be able to fast properly or will I get thirsty? Or will I get a headache from not eating?'
So, I had a hard time sleeping but Alhamdulillah, I slept comfortably after a while. I got good rest and then woke up at 3.30am for Suhoor. I then offered some prayers before getting on with Suhoor and then made some oatmeal with banana.
Most importantly, I remembered also to have some Sunnah food, as it's healthy. So, I had some warm water with honey, a few dates and enough water to keep me hydrated.
I thanked God at every step as I felt good and excited to get on with my day. After eating, I immediately performed my wudu (ablution) and heard the athaan call of prayer.
The procedure for the commencement of fast is such a beautiful, step-by-step build up that even before starting the fasting process, it gives you a spiritual high.
So, although I couldn't pray in a congregation at a mosque as there are none near my house, I did my morning prayers in solitude, feeling the presence of my Creator watching me and I felt so much peace.
Since this is the month of the Quran (as the Holy Quran was revealed during the holy month), I have resolved to read and understand the holy book as much as I can. So, I started my day at 7.30am after sleeping and waking up a second time, took a shower, did my ablutions and began reading the Holy Quran, pondering over it and discovering so many things.
Every time I read it, I make a discovery, so it's very exciting for me.
As the day progressed, I did feel a bit hungry but it was nothing unbearable. I did not get any headache, as I had been fearing, and nor did I feel thirsty.
Thanks to Allah, all I felt was happy and motivated. I could feel that Allah made it so easy for me Alhamdulillah.
Luis is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt coach for the UAE ?armed forces in Dubai.

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