Ethics, teachers and students

THE incident of a student stabbing his teacher with a sharp instrument has generated much talk about the role of the family and the schools in enforcing discipline. Voices are being heard increasingly for reviving the previous practice of administering the cane as corporal punishment to quell the disobedient and the pranksters.

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Published: Sat 11 Mar 2006, 9:57 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:28 PM

It is, however, not wise that our children should be educated by recourse to the cane or causing them physical harm as part of the penal code. We are supportive of all the measures which the minister has proposed in the schools with the aim of restoring respect for the teacher in classes but we are against the calls for using the cane. To be frank this kind of treatment will lead the student to believe that hitting is the best manner for correcting the behaviour of people and he will automatically practise the same on others as a justified means of punishment.

Without prejudice to the parties concerned in the incident and without generalising the issue as necessarily applicable to all teachers, we call on the Ministry of Education to keep an eye on teachers in government and private schools.

Priority in employment should be given to the holders of diploma in education along with their areas of specialisation in the subject they will teach.

These properly qualified teachers are the ones who are able to understand the students, particularly during their early and impressionable years besides the students of the preparatory schools.

These teachers will also be able to inculcate in the students the good morals and ethics, which will help them later to advance their careers. Teachers should not fall prey to the mischief of students like the teacher with a good reputation who was injured but nevertheless spoke positively about his assailant not having acted like this before thereby exhibiting the spirit of a forgiving father.

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