Electricity and water supply disconnected without notice

Municipality did not issue any disconnection notice

By Complaints Corner

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Published: Wed 7 Jun 2006, 9:53 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:20 PM

A RESIDENT of a villa in Rashidiya area called up the KT hotline and complained of disconnection of water and electricity supply. He pointed out that Dubai Municipality did not issue any notice before the services were disconnected. The five-room villa has five families sharing the accommodation.


THE civic body's drive, as part of which services to this particular villa were disconnected, is focused on overcrowding of houses in residential areas. Officials have clarified that five families in five rooms of a villa is overcrowding of living space and as such called for intervention from the authority. The civic body does not disconnect services to a residential unit without prior notice and the same applied to the case at hand, an official said. He pointed out that the tenants sharing the villa do not even have a tenancy contract which is only in one tenant's name. The notice is issued to the tenant registered with the civic body through the tenancy contract.

Allegations against Sharjah's Anjad Police force

SAYYED Abbas complained against the Anjad Police of Sharjah. He told the Khaleej Times Hotline that when he called them to inform about the accident that he got involved in at the Sharjah Industrial area, an officer answered the phone and told him "we don't know English, if you speak Arabic fine, otherwise don't call me" and he disconnected the phone, claimed Sayyed.


AN OFFICIAL from Anjad force of Sharjah Police denied the allegation. He said: “Most of our staff speak different languages, not only Arabic and English but also Hindi. We understand that the police force has to deal with and provide services to people of all nationalities regardless of the language they speak. I don't believe that one of our helpful staff had said this.

The official invited the complainant to the premises of the Sharjah Police for investigating the issue. "I wish the complainant comes to our office which is open for the general public to inform us about the date and time of the above-mentioned incident, in order to be able identify the officer who spoke to him."

The official believed that there was a misunderstanding between the caller and the officer due to the communication issue.

Uniformed taxi drivers 'barred' from Ibn Battuta

A TAXI driver, Ravi alleged that recently he was barred from entering the Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall because he was wearing a uniform. Protesting against the discrimination, Ravi said that he was stopped from entering the mall by security guards who said that he was not allowed inside because of his uniform.

"I was on duty when I stopped at the mall to do some shopping. Normally I do not have any other time to do so. I had to do it in between my duty hours. But before I entered the mall, the security stopped me saying that I was not allowed to enter because I was wearing a uniform."

Ravi also said that the guards showed him a notice at the mall which said that workers wearing industrial gear were not allowed in the mall as per the mall policy. He said that he tried to explain to them that his uniform was not considered industrial. Ravi also said that this was the first time he had such an experience in the nine years that he was in the country.

On the Khaleej Times follow up, Ravi also claimed that the mall management had later apologised to him saying it was a goof up by the security.

In reply, a spokesperson on behalf of Nakheel denied that the incident ever occurred. "We received the complaint three days ago. It has been the mall's policy never to turn away anybody because of their outfit. No one from the mall or even security met the taxi driver at any point of time."

Customers of cafeteria take up parking spaces

AHMED complained about the Mubarakia Cafeteria near Heritage Area whose customers park their cars leaving no space for local residents. These customers stay for a long time inside the cafeteria sipping tea and coffee and keep their vehicles parked every where.


AN OFFICIAL from the parking section of Sharjah Municipality said this area is not yet covered in the paid parking zones of the municipality. "Once the parking machines are installed and start to operate, this problem will be solved,” he disclosed.

The official said the residents can always call the traffic police who will be pleased to send patrols to help them solve the parking problem.

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