EIDA typing centres shut doors on applicants

EIDA typing centres shut doors on applicants

With the deadline to get applications processed at typing centres drawing closer, authorised typing centres receiving applications are finding it impossible to complete the job on time.


Nissar Hoath

Published: Fri 24 Dec 2010, 8:27 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 1:58 PM

Most of them are also shutting doors on new applicants because of piled-up cases.

According to typing centres in the capital, they are expecting a circular from the authority to further extend the deadline. “We are expecting authorities to extend the deadline any time. The deadline will be extended because all the authorised typing centres and official registration centres are under tremendous pressure. In fact, we have stopped receiving new applications because of the pressure,” said a staff member at Dhaka Typing and Stationary in the capital.

However, at least one centre, dedicated specially to entertain EIDA applicants, was crowded with people lining up to submit their applications. The centre called Typing Identity Cards Application Forms was issuing tokens to serve on the basis of first-come-first-served.

The centre had also displayed a deadline for accepting applications as per the number of documents it receives and processes on a daily basis. Though most of the typing centres were optimistic of a new deadline, they were turning away applicants and were declining to accept new forms because of pressure. “No EIDA card processing,” said a staff at Modern Typing and Photocopy when Khaleej Times correspondent approached as a customer. “I’m sorry we don’t take new applications,” he added.

Another staff at Index Typing and Photocopy said they have a huge pile of application forms as backlog, and it would take at least 10 days before an applicant’s form is processed and delivered to him.

“No more identity card application,” said the staff, adding: “We have stopped receiving new applications because we already have enough that may take months to process.

“On an average, it may take at least 10 days before we can even start processing and releasing one application.”

Another typing centre staff said the rush was really heavy because both fresh cases and those coming for renewal are growing. “Itmay continue as those who have had the ID for a year or months are coming for renewal.”

Meanwhile, residents have also called for an extension, saying it is a gigantic task to complete the process with limited number of official centres for final process of documents.

Ramesh Lalwani, a textile merchant, said: “We still don’t know how many official centres are there in the capital. There was one near Zayed Sports City and I believe that is closed now. One is in Musaffah, which is outside of the city. I think, EIDA should advertise a map of official centres across the country in local newspapers so that people would know what would be the nearest for them.”

Meer Dost Baloch, an insurance sales executive, believes the rush could be a long-term saga because of the short validity period of the card. “The card is issued on the validity period of the resident permit. For instance, if your permit is valid for two months, you get a life-term of two months, meaning again lining up for the renewal.

“The best solution is a card for life or a maximum of 10 years as it is in many countries. The fee for a long-life can be increased and people would not mind paying. If an expat leaves the country, his or her data will be in EIDA system. And if he or she returns, even after 20 years, the data is there and it helps the security agencies in cases where one was involved in a criminal case long ago.”


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