EasyTrackX is about intelligence in motion: Director Arshad Hisham

EasyTrackX is about intelligence in motion: Director Arshad Hisham

The company has plans to expand operations across the UAE and to penetrate in the Saudi Arabian market.

In this day and age, it is all about efficiency, effectiveness and smart technology. Life has become easier and well organised all due to tech intelligence. Keeping in line with the new smart age, EasyTrackX is one company that has – from the start – carved a niche for itself by showcasing groundbreaking technology specially designed for the automotive industry.

The pioneering company was established in 2012 and mainly supplies sophisticated location intelligence for vehicles. The cutting edge intuitive software was created in-house and is equipped with a revolutionary hardware boasting an independent architecture. It has also undergone more than 160 intelligent local customisations catering to different customer requirements.

“It is indeed a great feat to have grown significantly in a very short period of time. Our products are unique, which is why we have even commenced with the patenting process. EasyTrackX’s product adoption rate by customers have been huge and seeing this response we have now decided to expand operations across the UAE and plan to penetrate the Saudi Arabian market,” said EasyTrackX Director Arshad Hisham.

The company specialises in three areas of offerings; namely rental or leasing products, corporate fleet management and custom telematics. “We have a small but highly dynamic team of personnel who have been consistently achieving a 10 per cent growth month after month,” he remarked. Adding he said: “Our products essentially help improve driving behaviour and focuses primarily on safety. This is one of the main reasons why customers are keenly switching to the easily customisable software. In addition to this, it can also cut down on fuel wastage and consumption, carbon emissions, thereby increasing efficiency.”

Other benefits include optimisation of the fleet, streamlining administrative functions that help minimise the overall cost of ownership.

The market size for location technology in the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and rest of the Middle East is more than US $1.5 billion per annum. By adopting targeted sales campaigns, educational seminars and referral programs EasyTrackX is already tapping into this growing market. And with the Expo 2020 just around the corner and a booming economy based on travel, tourism and retail – among other things – there is a lot for companies like EasyTrackX with great fleet management capabilities to look forward to. “The technical features of a modern fleet management will allow for a much stronger monitoring of performance and compliance with procedures as well as operational controls,” he said.

As one of the world’s busiest trade hubs, there is robust demand in the Middle East for advanced solutions in fleet management. Delivery and transport companies need products such as vehicle-tracking systems given the high volume of goods transported within and outside the UAE. This has driven the growth of specialised fleet management vendors in the Middle East, and they are under constant pressure to innovate and evolve to stay ahead of competition. “We have received significant interest from various partners across the region for our products. Some of the largest automobile groups in the Middle East are in advanced and final stages of talks to represent and distribute our product outside the UAE. We intend to hire additional staff and invest further in our Research and Development facility,” Hisham revealed.

The company has worked very hard to build a good reputation for its product; which is indeed user friendly, seamless, powerfully gathering location intelligence anywhere, anytime. “It’s been a very humbling experience to see this vision embraced by our users,” said Hisham.

The journey has been nothing short of incredible, with EasyTrackX’s vision of becoming bigger and improving safety, productivity as well as customer service.

About Arshad Hisham

An MBA graduate from Cranfield (UK), Arshad Hisham also has a degree in automotive and mechanical engineering, which he utilized in specific product management roles with Toyota and Volvo in automotive technology. In addition, he has undertaken consultancy assignments with Citibank, IBM and the Government of Australia throughout his 12-year-old corporate career.

About Bob Farrow

A senior executive with over 23 years experience in running and growing fleet companies. Previous roles include GM, Hertz, CEO at HANCO (KSA), and Sales Director, GE (UK). Serving an advisory role of Executive Director - Operations and Strategy, EasyTrackX, Bob is also present in the board seat and was ranked by Ernst and Young as one of Middle East’s top 10 CEO’s in 2011.


1.Designed for MENA and Hardware Independent Design. EasyTrackX products are specifically designed for Middle East business problems, and unlike others, it uses a hardware independent design.

2.Proprietary Product Design and Architecture. EasyTrackX’s design implies a tight integration with the hardware. The design is inherently complex both on the presentation and the hardware layer. It is anticipated that it would take local players a minimum of 28-42 Months to replicate this.

3.Partnerships value. Strong depth of the management team and useful contacts.

EasyTrackX has received significant investment interest from global venture capitalists and regional private equity firms and has currently multiple options in the pipeline and advanced stages. However, EasyTrackX is still open to talks with strategic investors who can add significant value. EasyTrackX is built on open technologies keeping in mind that it will be an attractive proposition for an acquiring organisation. It is also of interest to note that prominent market research agencies predict global players in enterprise location technology moving to the GCC region in four to five years when companies such as EasyTrackX could be an attractive acquisition target. Subscription based models guarantee predictable revenues and hence valuation multiples tend to be higher.”

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