Easy access to education

Easy access to education
Apps can help school students organise their work schedules and keep them on top of assignments and deadlines.

Apps now make it easier for high school students to organise their academic lives and learn new concepts

By Natalia Ahmed

Published: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 10:58 AM

Last updated: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 1:02 PM

Technology and education have always gone hand-in-hand, with newer technology being used in classrooms to help students learn new ideas. Recently, technology has become more and more personal, with phone and laptop applications becoming more ubiquitous and ever-serving - it is possible to find an application for almost all your needs, including education.
'Studious' is an organiser app that allows you to keep track of schoolwork and extracurriculars. For high school students, a big challenge is in organisation and deciding where your priorities lie in terms of education.
With classes, extra homework, university tests, extracurriculars, and maintaining a social life, it can be difficult to keep all the balls in the air. With Studious, however, you can input your timetable, assignment deadlines, extracurricular sessions, and time for exam prep and let your phone handle your schedule. The key to maintaining good grades is consistency and dedication of time to your studies, making this app more useful to secondary school students and above.
One popular app is 'Khan Academy', a large database of educational videos for a variety of topics. The benefit is that this app is free, making education easily accessible, and is available on a variety of platforms, with fun videos on a number of subjects.
Though most apps use games and fun infographics to teach new concepts, students that prefer old-school methods, like flashcards, can use 'StudyBlue', available on iOS and Android. This app provides mobile access to notes, and allows you to create flashcards and study guides for particular classes.
These flashcards are unique as you can incorporate audio and images into the cards, making it more interactive than using actual paper for flashcards. If you are feeling too lazy to create flashcards of your own, you also have access to millions of student-authored flashcards on the app, and can assemble a guide based on other students' notes.
Classrooms are slowly becoming open to laptops and tablets, in an effort to help children become tech-savvy and cut down on paper. One popular app for note-taking is 'Evernote', and is useful as it can sync across multiple devices, allows you to take colourful notes with highlights, and helps organise your notes into specific folders, so you don't misplace important information.
These apps are designed to help high school students achieve results both in and outside the classroom, and there are a host of education apps that can help with grammar, writing skills, mathematics, sciences, humanities, and more.

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