Early morning club to rise and run in UAE

Early morning club to rise and run in UAE

The club is the brainchild of Jordanian expat Fuad Naser, a civil engineer from Jordan.


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Published: Sat 2 Nov 2019, 9:46 PM

Last updated: Sat 2 Nov 2019, 11:57 PM

If you are an early bird, you are sure to spot fitness enthusiasts hitting the Kite Beach and warming up for their 5.30am run. The '5.30am RUN' group currently has more than 140 members hitting the tracks at least twice a week to run for 45 minutes. They then wrap it up with yoga before heading out for a group breakfast.
The club is the brain child of Jordanian expat Fuad Naser, a civil engineer from Jordan. A fitness buff, Naser is a professional runner who participates in marathons in the UAE and beyond. Naser says he wanted to form a support group to help people 'rise and run' in the morning. "Most people want support and company to be able to run. The idea was to have people of all fitness levels come together and run in a group," Naser told Khaleej Times.
"When I began last year, there were only six people. Now, we are a strong group of more than 140 runners from different nationalities. There are absolute beginners to professional marathon runners who run side by side."
The group meets at Kite Beach on Saturday and Tuesday mornings to run. "It usually takes about 45 minutes depending on the pace people keep," said Naser.
Many members vouch that the club has changed their lives for good. Hadeel, Jordanian mother and full time employee, said sports change people's lives in so many ways and joining a sport's club is a great way to exercise your body and achieve fitness goals. "The club is welcoming people of all abilities and that's the beauty of it! Nothing beats the feeling of finishing the early morning run! That is more than enough to make you ready face your daily challenges."
Haitham, a math professor at the American University in Dubai, said he joined the group to achieve three goals. "Working out/running with like-minded people, improving my strength and stamina during my weight loss journey, and having the support and motivation of an amazing group of not just runners, but what became close friends and almost siblings."
Kristiana, a guests relations manager from Albania, said she wanted to have an early and wonderful start of the day. "It gives you positive energy in the morning. Having a healthy body is the way to have a healthy life too."
Emirati IT engineer Ahmad Al Nuaimi said he joined the group to improve his running skill and to have fun. "The group encourages people to own their mornings as that is the best time to exercise. Having an early start of the day will change your life for good and we are just being the catalysts for that change," said Ahmad.

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