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Handcrafted customised selections using gifts, flowers and edibles take time, but when a moment becomes more beautiful for a customer, it's worth the effort. - Rowena Coelho, owner of Rowena Coelho Gifts & Flowers
Handcrafted customised selections using gifts, flowers and edibles take time, but when a moment becomes more beautiful for a customer, it's worth the effort. - Rowena Coelho, owner of Rowena Coelho Gifts & Flowers

Rowena Coelho's new store for gifts and flowers in Dubailand offers more than just curated creations; it offers dreams, hopes and aspirations to artists and customers

Published: Tue 31 Mar 2020, 10:35 AM

Last updated: Tue 31 Mar 2020, 12:45 PM

For Rowena, gifting is an intimate matter and something that should be done wisely. This is one of the many ideas behind the launch of her debut store in Dubai that creates hand-picked curated items to express your beautiful moments.
From floral bouquets and centrepieces, unique table displays and creative set ups for special occasions with mini bites, personalised handmade ice cream creations made from scratch, artisan chocolates and savoury, the one-stop store gives you a variety of options to create your perfect gift. Oh there's more! Floral centrepiece consultation, tailor-made bridal accessories and jewellery also make the cut at her store.
And if you are feeling fancy, add flowers and edibles to the hamper to pamper your loved ones. It's just the perfect icing on the cake.

Building a gift that 'lives on'
Keeping up with the concept of exclusiveness, every item in the spacious 1,064 sq ft store is hand-selected by Rowena Coelho. One cannot find more than four pieces of the same product at any given time. "We believe everyone deserves a unique gift, which is why we go an extra mile to provide and assist you with the best options from global brands. "Gifting is a complicated process, says Rowena. "But imagine the memory of an abstract idea being built into a beautiful creation. This is something that we give to you and your loved ones to cherish forever," she emphasises on.

Bold and beautiful
Indoor orchid potted plant creations, succulents and infinity rose creations are sure to catch your attention making the perfect home centrepiece. The variation in colour, delicate detailing and elegance is unexpected yet soothing to one's eyes.
The founder believes, "Any way to make your product offerings biodegradable means less waste; there is no greater artist than nature". At the Rowena Coelho store one can only find fresh flowers and preserved stems no artificial floral variety.

Positivity in tough times
Art spreads vibes of positivity and happiness. There is vivid proof that art promotes economic growth. "Our gifts and bouquets are certain to cheer you up at home. There is something for everyone in my store, big or small. "All I can say is get ready to be surprised." Rowena admits that the happy astonished look on a buyer's face once a Rowena Coelho creation is delivered makes her happier and more determined to introduce better ideas and concepts at the store.
Social entrepreneur
Sharing her passion to extend a helping hand to like-minded creative individuals, she attempts to promote local artisans from the globe, who make exquisite handicrafts but do not have a channel for promotion. "Every country has something unique to offer and I want to bridge that gap between the creator and the connoisseur." She reminisces of a time when she came across a designer of a beautifully woven cushion cover. "The quality I saw was much better and the design much intricate than those offered at luxury retail stores. I cannot forget how the artist kept trying to go to any length to sell his creation, but no one could care less. This triggered my innate zeal to connect with as many such artists and include their product offering in the Rowena Coelho store."
Likewise, another instance that pushed her was when she visited an island and came across seashells that were not like any that she had ever seen. Here too, the seller had beautiful items but lacked access to markets. "That's when I thought that if I don't start now, I will never begin. My goal has always been to be a social entrepreneur and I aim to soon curate products from multiple vendors." 
Envisioning the future
"The word 'impossible' is not in my dictionary", Rowena single-handedly managed to set up the store in Dubai inspired by her own goals and the artists that she met. However, she believes that to achieve a collective goal, a bit of support is welcome, which is why she hopes to attract angel investors to contribute and realise her efforts of the niche concept. Now that she has realised her first dream, it's just the beginning for her. An aficionado for all that's old and 'gold', Rowena Coelho is looking to build a 'heritage' empire via antique jewellery and luxe hotels in India and Pakistan to promoted less explored cities with unique culture. "I want to build an empire that will outlive me simply because there will be less unemployed people."
As for her other aspirations, she has quite a few - from setting up artistic and affordable pay-to-use toilets that will reduce the risk of assault, improve hygiene and sanitation, increase employment and bolster tourism in certain countries; delving into landscape designing due to her love for different cultures and garden designing; starting a luxury jewellery store focusing on precious and semi-precious stone-work inspired by the royalty of medieval India; to setting up virtual schools with freelance tutors for any skill, as she believes that education should not be compromised due to a lack of infrastructure, especially when technology has advanced manifold. "I currently see an imbalance in society where there are more skilled workers and just a few entrepreneurs. The question is - are we raising our children to become workers or visionaries?"
Celebrating togetherness
With the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid coming up in April and May, respectively, Rowena Coelho has earmarked special products for the citizens and residents alike in Dubai.
- Date creations
- Eid Garden Trays: A combination of dates, artisan chocolates and sweet and savoury bites with floral decorations.
- Sparkle Collection: Beautiful artificial jewellery to complement your Eid outfit

To create your own ensemble of special gifts, call 04 222 3022 or 055 570 4828. You can also visit the store - Shop 8, The Gate Residence Building, Dubailand, or visit her website rowenacoelhogiftsandflowers.com launching April 15, 2020.

Rowena Coelho Gifts & Flowers
Rowena Coelho Gifts & Flowers
Rowena Coelho Gifts & Flowers
Rowena Coelho Gifts & Flowers
Rowena Coelho Gifts & Flowers
Rowena Coelho Gifts & Flowers

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