Dubai waste bins to wear new look

After fining nearly 400 companies for littering, the Dubai Municipality has come up with a preventive measure against the menace — replace dull looking waste bins with flowery, colourful ones.

Officials with the Waste Management Department of the municipality believe that such bins will quickly catch the eyes of the people and prevent them from throwing waste around.

The Director of the Department Abdul Majeed Abdul Aziz Al Sifai told Khaleej Times that the beautiful bins would attract the attention of the people and prompt them to make use of them. “We are trying to encourage people to use these bins and prevent littering. We want to change the way people look at the waste bins,” he said.

Revealing that the department fined more than 370 companies during a recent campaign against littering of fliers and ad slips, the official said issuing warnings and fines was not just what the department was doing to prevent littering. “This is also one of the things that we are doing to minimise littering.”

Most of the penalised companies were not registered ones and were contributing to littering in public places and buildings by distributing their fliers and ads illegally, he said.

A special team was assigned to design the new bins and replace the old ones on the instructions of Director General of the Dubai Municipality Hussain Nasser Lootah who also wants to improve the visual appeal of the city.

“They have started replacing the bins on the major streets and public areas. We will do it in different phases,” Al Sifai added.

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