Dubai team of climbers in the making

DUBAI — A multinational team of mountaineers in the emirate supported and guided by Tashi Tenzing Norgay, grandson of the legendary Everester Tenzing Norgay, is in the making. The idea is being pushed by Julie Amer, founder of Mountain High, an organisation formed to encourage people to take on adventure sports.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Sat 24 Nov 2007, 8:52 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 4:40 AM

A sports science graduate, who has led teams to climb several difficult mountain peaks, said she would be forming a team of expatriate adventure enthusiasts of various nationalities living in the UAE. This team would be supported by Tashi Tenzing Norgay and would include women. The idea was to encourage women to come to the forefront and prove their worth, Amer said.

Amer was at the University of Wollongong yesterday in an interactive session with the students.

“Women should step out of their comfort zone and connect with the nature through adventure sports. I want the women to come out and join the team and take the charge. This is a good way to prove them to the world,” she said.

Amer, who was nominated for the Emirates Woman of the Year Award in 2005, also led the first UAE team of nationals. In her last adventure, she took a team to Jordan’s highest peak.

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