Dubai sets new world record in photography

Dubai sets new world record in photography
A mother and daughter look at the 'Longest line of Photographs' displayed at the Dubai Festival City on Tuesday.

Dubai - A campaign titled 'Celebrating Great Moments together' ends in Guinness World Record

By Saman Haziq

Published: Wed 9 Aug 2017, 8:57 PM

Last updated: Wed 9 Aug 2017, 11:06 PM

We all love taking photographs, capturing our happy moments, don't we? Aiming to achieve a "happy" feat of celebrating great moments together, a world record was broken on Wednesday at the Dubai Festival City mall for the 'Longest line of photographs.'
Confirming that the campaign had adhered to all the guidelines of the Guinness World Record, the representatives from the world record team announced that the minimum length required for the longest line of photograph required to break the world record was 1530.2 metres. And the line of photographs on display in the atrium of Dubai Festival City measured a record-breaking 1,655.192-metre (i.e. more than 1.5km) long.
The campaign titled 'Celebrating Great Moments together' was a call to all the residents and visitors to celebrate their happiest memories and the response received was record-breaking. On display are more than 10,850 pictures that make up the world's longest ever line of photographs.
Thousands of UAE citizens, residents and visitors took part in the in the world's largest campaign to express joy for moments of togetherness, which was part of a partnership campaign between Procter & Gamble and Carrefour, which is operated by Majid Al Futtaim.
From July 30 until August 9, 2017 shoppers who visited Carrefour at Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Festival City Mall were invited to have their photos taken where they expressed whom they want to spend their great moments with. The photographs shared by shoppers were used to form the world's longest line of photographs, which is now displayed for family members and loved ones to see.
Thousands of happy pictures with a message for their loved ones are pasted on an installation (in the form of an open book) welcomes visitors as they enter the atrium of Dubai Festival City. Mommy blogger Abigail Caidoy, who came to the mall along with her kids, was thrilled to find their picture among the thousands of other pictures on display at the mall.
It gave us special moments
"I think this campaign is a great reminder to us as we are living a very fast paced life - always on social media, messaging, on phones and laptops. We are so busy with our gadgets that we don't give time to our kids and therefore miss out the best moments in life. Initiatives like these remind us that we need to spare some time for our family, get off social media and spend quality time with our loved ones. It is the time and moments spent with your family that will remain in your memory and heart forever. Those special moments you will always remember fondly. That's what this campaign did - gave us special moments."
Another Lebanese national Malak Mansour, who came with her two year old daughter Laeya, was still frantically scanning the line of pictures to find her happy click. "This initiative is so beautiful as it asks us to pause and share a great moment. And it is heartening to see that in mostly all the pictures the message is for one's family. Almost 90 per cent of the messages on the pictures were dedicated to family members with majority saying 'I love you mom,' 'I love you dad,' and 'I love my family.' Since my husband stays busy at work, it's mostly me and my daughter who spend most of our greatest moments together. And we are glad we are part of this world record. It feels amazing."
Khaled Adawi, director, Procter & Gamble in the Arabian Peninsula, told Khaleej Times: "The Greatest Moments campaign was conceived to help consumers in the UAE both show their appreciation for who makes them the happiest, as well as enable them to make new moments together that they'll cherish. Apart from breaking the world record, the most beautiful part of the whole campaign was the over whelming response we got. The idea behind the campaign has really captured the public's imagination. Those who had their pictures taken received a physical copy of the image (a polaroid), and a link via SMS to a digital copy, which they could share with family and friends."
Talking about the idea behind doing a world record for photographs, Adawi said: "We wanted to give the consumers a chance to make their mark permanently. We also wanted to get the message out to a wider audience about the importance of quality time spent with friends and family and what it means for all of us."
"We all understand the importance of quality moments spent with family and friends, but we don't often get the opportunity to spend as much time as we can or should with our loved ones. I hope this is a reminder to all of us about why we should make time for great moments with our friends and family," he concluded.
The world record attempt enabled people in the UAE to relive treasured moments again as well as play a part in setting a new world record for the nation. The campaign also created new happy memories: customers that visited any Carrefour hypermarket or supermarket across the UAE and purchased Dh100 worth of participating P&G products from selected brands during the campaign also had the chance to win family experiences to attractions such as Ski Dubai, iFly, VOX Cinemas and other Majid Al Futtaim attractions. More than 140 prizes were given away to happy customers during the campaign.
The photographs will be on display at Dubai Festival City until August 16, as part of a thank you to customers of Carrefour's latest hypermarket, which opened in the mall earlier this year. Everyone who took part has their own copy of their great moment image.

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