Dubai ready to host UN headquarters

Dubai ready to host UN headquarters

The Dubai government is prepared to host the United Nations headquarters on its soil.

Theidea was suggested by two real estate and architecture columnists of the US business magazine Forbes, official news agency Wam said.

“Dubai is fully prepared to host the headquarters of the United Nations if its officials decide to move from New York,” the agency reported.

Dubai’s support for the idea, according to the statement, came as a result of the UAE’s appreciation for the UN’s role in global peace, security and development.

“Dubai welcomes dialogue with UN officials to provide them with full information on the capabilities (facilities) the emirate can provide if a final decision is taken to move outside New York,” the agency said.

“Among the (advantages) Dubai possesses are geographical location, world class infrastructure, and air, land and sea transport systems that make (it) an accessible meeting point in the middle of the world,” a source was quoted as saying.

The Forbes columnists had alluded to the possibility of using office space in Dubai resulting from the city’s rapid development in the past decade.

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