Dubai Police devise comprehensive security, traffic plan for Ramadan

Dubai Police devise comprehensive security, traffic plan for Ramadan

The force will take strict action against speeding drivers and beggars.

By Amira Agarib/principal Correspondent

Published: Wed 17 Jun 2015, 10:51 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 3:16 PM

DUBAI  - The Dubai Police have devised a comprehensive security plan in Ramadan after conducting three awareness campaigns.

As per instructions from Khamis Al Mazina, commander in chief of the Dubai Police, the police will increase police presence for 24 hours to reduce heavy traffic jams and negative behavior by  some drivers in order to prevent unorganized stopping in front of mosques during Taraweeh prayers. Before Ramadan, the force had organised three campaigns including an anti -begging campaign, launched by the General Department of Criminal Investigation, which will also fight vendors who roam around on roads during Ramadan - the campaign will be continued in collaboration with other departments including the Awaqaf department and DNRD, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Economic Department.

The Dubai Police will also launch a traffic campaign named "Fasting should not end your life ". During the campaign the police will take strict action against drivers who are not driving safely or speeding on roads before Iftar or the Sahoor. Action will also be taken against those drivers who panic due to traffic jam and from not smoking during Ramadan, which lead to fatal accidents.

The General Department of Emergency will carry its annual anti-fire cracker campaign, used by children and youth.

Al Mazina has instructed the Dubai Police and concerned departments to follow up on those campaigns and take strict action against the violators who do not abide by the law and disturb residents with their behavior. He instructed officials to increase the amount of meals to be distributed by the police to motorists during Iftar time, to prevent them from speeding to break their fast.

He also instructed the police to organise traffic movement and to instruct drivers to drive at low speeds and to leave enough space between vehicles so that they will reach their destination safely. Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant commander in chief of the Dubai Police said that begging is among the negative actions during Ramadan, so the Dubai police has formed specialised teams that will coordinate with other goverment departments and charity which will assist those who are in need.

Al Mansouri urged people and charities to not encourage begging and to donate money to those who are genuinely in need as some of those beggars are impostors, thieves or cheats as the police have learnt from arrests of several beggars and so called upon the public to not open their doors for beggars as some of them are thieves so the police has taken all arrangements to ensure security in residential areas . 

He added that begging is reducing every year, but some are still continuing during Ramadan. 

On other hand, Colonel Saif Muhair AL Mazroui, Director of Traffic department said that the traffic department has put out a comprehensive plan through deploying traffic patrols to control traffic near the shopping malls and co-operatives to prevent traffic jams before Iftar and after Tarweeh prayers,  in addition to distribution of patrols near mosque.

The police will distribute meals at Iftar time.

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