Dubai Marina building fire put out, no injuries

Dubai Marina building fire put out, no injuries

KT readers have sent in pictures and videos of the fire, which has erupted in one of the higher floors of the building.

By Bernd Debusmann Jr.

Published: Wed 20 Jul 2016, 3:55 PM

Last updated: Thu 21 Jul 2016, 8:55 AM

A fire broke out Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina on Wednesday, engulfing several floors in flames and sending debris falling below. Several nearby roads were closed by the civil defence.

"I just came home and heard noise and saw fire engines," said British expat Jack Maidment, who lives in a nearby building. "I came out to the balcony and saw smoke near the top of the building."

"It got bigger and bigger, and a crowd started to form on the street below," he added. "It really erupted and we saw the orange of the actual flames coming out, and bits of debris came off the building."

Maidment noted that firemen rushed into the building and were helping individuals come outside, and noted that - as of 3:45 PM - the fire seemed to be under control, with less smoking coming from the affected floors.

Dubai Civil Defence could not immediately be reached for comment.

According to Skyscraper Page, an online database of tall structures, the 75-story, 285-metre Sulafa Tower was completed in 2010 and is the among the 25 tallest structures in Dubai.

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