Dubai maid's employers fly home with her for vacation

Dubai maids employers fly home with her for vacation

The maid has been working with the Dubai couple in Dubai since 2013 and looking after their two girls

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Published: Wed 10 Jan 2018, 10:31 AM

Last updated: Wed 10 Jan 2018, 6:01 PM

Elizabeth Elizarde, 48, a Dubai-based overseas Filipina, couldn't have asked for more from life. Although she is never tired of raving about her employers' kindness, respect and love for her, she never imagined that they would join her in Manila to spend holidays together!
Elizabeth has been working for a couple Jamie and Brenda Church in Dubai since 2013 and her job is to look after their two girls Chole, now 5, and Zoe, 3.
She narrates that in 2015 her employers flew to the Philippines to spend time with her and meet her family, including her five children.
"I met and welcomed them at the airport with my kids, and I even brought a tarpaulin with their names on it. After that, we drove them to a hotel in Makati," Elizabeth was quoted in The Filipino Times Online.
"On the same day, they took me and my kids out for lunch and we went to an expensive restaurant where my kids were shocked because a single hamburger costs Php750. They didn't let me spend a single penny," she recalls.
The next day the Church family visited Elizabeth's home in Antipolo to celebrate their daughter Chloe's birthday and invited her children and neighbours as well. "I felt overjoyed not only because I got to see my children happy, but also because of the friendship and trust that the Church family has given me," Elizabeth said. 
"I was never treated indifferently, rather they always make me feel that I have a place in their home and life," she added. 
But, life was not all rosy for this Filipina worker who revealed that she had five children to feed after she ended the 9-year marriage with her abusive husband in 2004. That's when she decided to look for work in the Middle East and leave her children back home for good.
"I was praying to God to give me a kind employer and, in turn, I promised to serve them in the best way I could," she said. With her dedication, Elizabeth stayed with her first employer, an Emirati couple for five years, until she was employed by the Church couple.

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