Dubai Fitness Challenge: Indian expat loses 30kg in less than 3 months

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Dubai - He once weighed 120kg.


Ashwani Kumar

Published: Mon 4 Nov 2019, 4:59 PM

A 35-year-old Indian executive has lost 30kg in less than three months through strict diet and exercise. Dahalan Abdul, based in Mussafah Industrial Area, once weighed 120kg.
A self-confessed foodie, he constantly craved sweets and fried snacks. However, when the doctor told Abdul about the risks of lifestyle diseases, he decided to put his foot down. It was the beginning of a new chapter in Abdul's life.
"I have an 8am to 7pm desk job. My routine was breakfast, lunch and dinner with an urge to overeat.
"You don't realise the intake unless you get up from your seat after eating. My fault was overindulgence. Anytime snacking, mostly fried items, unknowingly, became a habit. I would never resist sweets and ice creams. There was no control and I didn't realise my increase in weight. I was a foodie," he said.
It was a visit to the hospital that lent a new slant to his life. The doctor advised Abdul to cut down on weight immediately or add medicines to his diet for life.
"As per my body mass index, I should be in 83-85kg classification but I weighed 118-120kg. I understood that if I didn't change my ways, I would soon become a patient with issues of blood pressure and cholesterol."
With the help of his wife Sudheena, he started on a strict diet and exercise. "My wife became particular that I follow the planned diet and stay away from junk food during office hours. She added greens to my diet. I cut down on food with carbohydrates and sugar content. I was determined to lose weight," said Abdul.
"Morning and night walks became my new routine. I started taking breaks every hour to walk for 10 minutes while in office. My colleagues were very supportive. The first few days were difficult but I carried on.
"Losing the first 10kg was the easiest, but after that, losing each kilo was a tough process. Thankfully, I lost close to 30kg in less than three months. I am at 91kg today," he added.
Abdul feels fit and suggests people on desk jobs must strictly monitor their food intake and exercise. "I am proud of myself and continuing my efforts. I want to shed another 5kg to be at 85kg. I see this as a challenge. I want to maintain a disciplined life.
He added: "The Dubai Fitness Challenge is a noble initiative and should encourage more people to improve quality of life."

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