Dubai Courts to boost public confidence in judicial system

DUBAI - Dubai Courts has recently adopted new strategies to enhance the confidence of clients and stakeholders of the justice system by ensuring accuracy and speed in settling and adjudicating cases, implementing provisions, and resolving disputes.

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Published: Sun 12 Apr 2009, 6:33 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 9:14 AM

Dubai Courts aims to achieve these goals through the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2009-2011, which has recently been unveiled as part of efforts to develop the emirate's judicial system in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.

Dubai Courts will focus on enhancing the quality of judicial and legal services by providing the public easy-to-access and effective means to amicably resolve legal disputes. It will also ensure the accuracy and speedy implementation of the provisions and decisions of the Court and its judicial committees, and will also work on cultivating partnerships and expediting case proceedings, which will lead to accurate and clear judicial decisions.

Dubai Courts seek to implement the Strategic Plan according to a specific timetable wherein it has allocated resources and identified priorities, roles, and benchmarks and excellence indicators. The timeframe also takes into consideration the adoption of best practices, integration and coordination of departments, and the launching of related initiatives and projects in order to achieve the Strategic Plan's goals by 2011.

The Strategic Plan defines three main strategic objectives, which are justice, security and safety in Dubai. Around 67 per cent of the objectives; 59 per cent of the indicators and 62 per cent of the initiatives of Dubai Courts Strategic Plan are focused on achieving these strategic objectives. Dubai Courts will focus on enhancing public confidence in the judicial system, boosting internal performance and maintaining a motivated and competent pool of human resources.

Dr. Ahmed Saeed Bin Hazeem, Dubai Courts Director General said: 'The Strategic Plan is an important step to achieve our mission to be a pioneer in court works through accuracy and promptness in settling cases; disposition and execution of judgments and attestation of written instruments by relying for all this on qualified national cadres; developed systems and technology; best procedures and practices and high-level standards of quality and excellence.

He added, 'We will implement the Strategic Plan to help improve the accuracy of the courts' judgements and simplify procedures. At the same time we would like to underscore our belief in the judicial authorities and their capacity to achieve the desired results and help promote the comprehensive development of the emirate. We will also periodically review the plans to introduce amendments and ultimately develop them in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.'

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