Dubai cops rescue motorist trapped in car in flooded valley

Dubai cops rescue motorist trapped in car in flooded valley

Dubai - Passers-by had tried to help motorist, but in vain


Amira Agarib

Published: Tue 19 Dec 2017, 5:10 PM

Last updated: Wed 20 Dec 2017, 7:59 AM

The Dubai Police rescued a motorist who got trapped inside his car after it fell into Hatta valley.
The vehicle was pulled up to safety with crane and the driver saved just in the nick of time.
The motorist, who had parked his car in a place near Hatta valley, tried to get through a flooded area.
However, it was swept away by the strong current of the rainwater and fell into the valley.
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Colonel Ali Abdullah Al Qassaybi Al Naqbi, head of the marine rescue department at the port police station, said that the command and control center received information on Monday night that a car had got stuck in the Hatta valley. The marine and land rescue patrols stationed in Hatta swung into action and launched a search in the muddy region.
Al Naqbi said that the rescue teams had to use a crane to lift the car to safety from the valley. The driver thanked the rescue teams for their quick response.

Car pulled out from pit

In another incident, a police patrol team while carrying out their job in the mountainous areas spotted a person screaming for help. His car had fallen in a huge pit filled with water.
Passers-by had tried to help him out, but in vain. The rescue teams pulled the car out with the help of crane.
Al Naqbi called on the drivers to move away from places where rainwater could accumulate and near the valleys. He urged them not to drive near the streams, lowlands or dams during rains or unstable weather conditions.

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