Dubai airport arrivals rise by 1m

As more and people are getting out of the country looking for a getaway from the heat and hectic life in the city, the country has been witnessing an equally huge inflow of tourists.

By (Mary Nammour)

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Published: Sun 18 Jul 2010, 8:38 AM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 2:49 PM

Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri, director of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, told Khaleej Times that statistics recently released showed there has been an increase in the flow of tourists and visitors into the UAE during the first half of the year.

Major General Al Marri revealed that the UAE saw the arrival 7,176,864 people, including tourists and visitors through all the Dubai entry points.

“A total of 6,272,469 people entered the UAE through land, air and sea entry points of Dubai during the same period last year. In the meantime, there has been an increase by one million arrivals through the Dubai International Airport (DIA) in comparison to 2009,” he said.


The constantly increasing flow of visitors can be attributed to many factors namely the excellent infrastructure and landscape that have made Dubai one of the top destinations in the world in addition to the distinguished hospitality sector featuring five-star plus world brand hotels.

“We have always maintained tourism industry as high priority. Thanks to the wise leadership of our rulers and creative policies of our government, the tourism and commercial attractions have been invested to the fullest. That shows in the booming business of hotels, restaurants and leisure attractions.”

“It has become a trend that many businessmen choose Dubai as a stop to hold business meetings which they could well take advantage of the tour to the city along with their family members.”


Ø In 2009: 6,272,469 people entered the country through all the Dubai entry points in the first half of the year. In 2010 there were 7,176,864 arrivals

Ø The flow through Dubai International Airport increased by approximately one million inthe same period compared to last year

Ø e-DNRD and e-Form shortens procedure to get visas to the UAE

Ø As many as 33 nationalities can obtain visas upon arrival at the airport

The director of the residency department stressed that the UAE in general and Dubai in particular has turned into a world destination for people irrelevant of the reason of visit.

“Be it for tourism, short visit for business, shopping or any other purpose, the UAE and Dubai in particular has become a worldgate throughout the year. The enormous flow of visitors does not stop all year round even in summer.”

“That would be no wonder because Dubai has an excellent hospitality sector, which attracts different cultures and nationalities”.

Add to that the well advanced e-services that the residency department has been offering to customers.

“Customers wishing to get visas can make use of our virtual department where they can go online to apply and avail of visas. Visas are being accessible through two applications: e-DNRD (used mostly when applying for large number of visas) and e-Form. Visas have for a long time now been one click away from people wishing to gain entry permit into the UAE. It goes without saying that 33 nationalities can obtain visas upon arrival at the airport.”

Dubai Summer Surprises

The Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) with its ever-diversified wide ranging entertainment, shopping and leisure activities has also been serving as a factor to attract tourists of all ages to come into the city.

“Dubai has been attracting people from countries on the other end of the world just the way it has been luring our neighbours in the Gulf and other Arab countries.”

“The plan was to offer all possible facilities while eliminating whatever obstacles that might come up in one’s way when coming to the city,” the residency department chief said.

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