du joins cyber blackmail awareness campaign

du joins cyber blackmail awareness campaign

Telecommunications provider takes a stand in educating its customers on the cyber risks and consequences of misusing internet

Published: Tue 16 Jun 2015, 1:10 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 3:09 PM

Dubai - du has joined forces with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) and Al Ameen Service to ensure the continued online security and freedom of UAE citizens with the newly cyber blackmail awareness campaign.

As an internet service provider, du aims to educate users about persons who attempt to harm the reputation of others by violating their privacy by using illegally obtained information and images for financial gain.

Dubai Police registered 73 offences of cyber extortion last year, as well as 212 initial complaints. The numbers rose from 59 registered offences and 80 initial complaints in 2013. du shall support the campaign by urging caution while sharing data and photographs online, reaching out to young people, teachers as well as parents. In addition, the telecom provider will explain how email and social media accounts can be secured, and provide solutions for data loss.

Ibrahim Al Mallouhi, Vice President, Security Operations, du, said: “This latest collaboration with the TRA and Al Ameen Service reaffirms du’s commitment to the UAE, as we work together towards building the Dubai Smart City. Online security continues to be a significant aspect of telecommunications, and the onus of responsibility is shifting onto individuals with respect to the information they choose to share online, and through what means. In line with du’s Be Safe campaign, launched last year, it is vital to ensure the complete cyber security of our customers by educating them about their personal responsibility for internet security, in addition to providing the best-in-breed security services.”

With the objective of educating customers about the safety and awareness of their digital environment, du conducts monthly awareness campaigns on several cyber security issues, under the umbrella ‘Be Safe’. The Internet has become a means for privacy violation, if it falls in the hands of abusers, and online freedom can be breached through interception, transmission and disclosure of conversations, video and voice communications.

Additionally, du has invested in the latest technologies to secure and protect consumers by adapting best practices as per global security standards, and was awarded ISO27001 information security management systems and ISO22301 business continuity management systems certifications.

du’s latest awareness initiative, under the umbrella of its Be Safe campaign, aims to create more awareness about online security.

The initiative was launched on http://www.du.ae/personal/helpandsupport/mobile/besafe and through its social media channels, www.facebook.com/du, @dutweets and @du in Instagram, targeting children, parents, educational institutions and corporations to teach them various topics related to internet safety.

In addition, du works closely with the TRA in consumer protection campaigns, the most recent being the E-registration sales portal. Customers have to provide identification documents at the point of sale to complete the mobile SIM activations process.


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