DTC’s dial-a-cab gains popularity

DUBAI — The Dubai Transportation Corporation (DTC) has increased the number of public terminal machines or slot machines to 100 from 30 when they were introduced two years ago.


Asma Ali Zain

Published: Fri 3 Jun 2005, 11:58 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 7:56 PM

“Nearly 100 public booking terminal machines have been set across Dubai. Operated using one dirham, a taxi can come to a person within minutes via information relayed to DTC through the satellite,” said Ammar bin Tamim, Director of Administrative Affairs at DTC, speaking to Khaleej Times. He also said that such a move comes as part of an overall plan by DTC to constantly upgrade and improve the level of its services to ensure that the public gets the best of transportation services. “It is a popular service among people,” he added.

Another project in this regard is that of guided signboards which have two-digit numbers that can be quoted to DTC customer service agents making it easier for taxi drivers to pinpoint the exact location. Tamim explained that DTC has placed several pyramid shaped phosphorous signs at main locations across the city to help customers seek DTC taxi services. “These signs are numbered and contain our dispatch number of 2080808 so that all the customers have to do is contact us on the number and just inform the operators of the number of the pole they are close to and a DTC taxi will pick them up from that point in a matter of minutes,” he said

“We devised this system to ensure easy access to our drivers to pick and collect customers who would like to avail of our services and find a hard time directing our drivers to their location. It is easy to call our dispatch unit and direct taxis to any of the poles since they are numbered with area codes and serve as an ideal meeting point for our drivers as well as the customers,” Tamim added.

He said that the poles were located around major shopping areas, public parks including the Dubai Gold Centre on Shaikh Zayed Road and the Union Cooperatives covering the central business districts of the city as well as near main streets, major landmarks and main service facilities.

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