DTC launches medical education programme

DTC launches medical education programme

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has teamed up with Novartis Pharmaceuticals (UAE) to set off a medical awareness program throughout the year for its employees.

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Published: Fri 15 Jan 2010, 8:31 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 2:29 PM

The programme is aimed at promoting health awareness of employees and drivers on pain and pain management.

Ammar bin Tameem, Director of DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Department, said: “In the context of DTC strategy to raise the satisfaction of drivers and educate them on health-related matters contributing to the provision of excellent service, DTC has coordinated with Novartis the staging of an integrated health program including a number of awareness workshops, practical exercises and theoretical lessons for drivers and employees to educate them on various types of backache and headache including migraine, exhaustion and fatigue”.

He added: “A one-hour awareness workshop will be organized at DTC once every month in cooperation with the Drivers Training and Qualifying Center at the Fleet Drivers Affairs Department. We can, however, increase the time depending on the extent of benefit derived from the program and increased turnout by employees and drivers”.

“DTC seeks to provide all means and services offered to its employees in general and drivers in particular in recognition of their efforts to achieve highest standards of optimal service out of RTA vision of “Safe and Smooth Transport for All” and their contributions to promoting the business of the RTA and DTC and raising their profile in the community” added Ammar.

For his part, Dr. Ibrahim Aqal, representative of Novartis Pharmaceuticals (UAE), said: “We are happy to have teamed up with DTC in launching this medical awareness program extending the whole year and including all its employees and drivers, which the aim of promoting the awareness and health education on pains, exhaustion, fatigue, risks and consequential health problems”.

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, medical advisor at Novartis Middle East, stated that the company was committed to providing all publications and educational and cultural materials for these awareness workshops to ensure delivery and comprehension of the correct messages and attaining maximum benefit from this health program. He emphasized that this program would be evaluated towards its end to measure the extent of success made, and make any additions, amendments or observations for implementation in similar programs and accordingly improve the company’s health projects.

“Novartis is exploring further cooperation and coordination with DTC in future to organize such awareness programs and workshops”, said Novartis medical advisor.

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