DSS guests walk into a summer of surprises

DUBAI — Families coming to attend the DSS are floored by the VIP welcome at the Dubai International Airport.

By A Staff Reporter

Published: Thu 23 Jun 2005, 10:10 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 8:08 PM

No effort has been spared to ensure that all those arriving today and on the following days feel welcome and instantly at home. At the gateway of the city, the first families have already started pouring in and the warm welcome that met them is beyond words.

Mohammed Al Fardan, Deputy Head of the Flower Surprises Organising Committee, Dhirar Belhoul, Member of the Flower Surprises Organising Committee, Abdullah Al Najar, Head of the Civil Aviation Committee and Saeed Mohammed Al Nabouda, DSS CEO were present at the airport to receive guests.

Upon arrival Adnan Abdullah Alawi, from Saudi Arabia, as well as his son Moa’yed and daughter Rola, were greeted with a special surprise. Adnan said ecstatically: “My family has been visiting Dubai twice every year, once during DSF and once during DSS. The kids love DSS because they can meet their best friend Modhesh and we never imagined that we would be welcomed by Modhesh himself at the airport. His big, bright smile and the colourful bunch of flowers that he gave us will be forever etched in our memories.”

Abdul Qader Al Nemry’s family also came down from Saudi Arabia. They visit Dubai every summer without fail, since this is their longest vacation in the whole year. They said that the trip from Saudi Arabia to Dubai is short and lovely. They are always confident that they will find everything that is entertaining and yet useful to their kids here.

Said Yaquoub Yousef, who is visiting Dubai with his family from Kuwaiti: “The family was surprised by the way they were received at the airport. The atmosphere here is so tempting that we can hardly wait to soak in the fun and festivity. The children are especially delighted that the character Modhesh himself is here to make this moment memorable. He brings joy and happiness to the kids, who have read a lot about DSS and are excited about attending the opening of the Flower Surprises”

“This is not the first time we are visiting Dubai. We feel right at home when we are here. The rest of the family is going to catch up with us later to share the fun and excitement,” he informed.

On the other hand, Ereen Adel from Egypt, is making her first visit to Dubai. She is very optimistic that she is going to have loads of fun during her stay in Dubai this summer.

She said: “I was thrilled by the warm welcome extended to us by Modhesh at the airport. I was delighted to see all the other ladies who were dressed up in beautiful traditional costumes giving out flowers to everyone.”

Visiting Dubai for the first time is the family of Khalida Ibrahim from Kuwait. She said: “We have heard many great things about this city and look forward to the surprises that lie ahead. My kids are a big fan of Modhesh, I am sure they will have a great time during our stay here.”

On a similar note, Fahad Modhesh Al Motaire from Kuwait who is also visiting Dubai for the first time, said: “This is the first time I am visiting Dubai, I heard a lot about the welcoming of visitors but never believed it until I myself was showered with flowers and smiles. I bet I will have the time of my life in Dubai. One of the main reasons of my coming here is to visit the much acclaimed Modhesh Fun City and the other venues of the shopping malls which are filled with various interesting activities.”

Families arriving at the Dubai International Airport will receive flowers all throughout the Flower Surprises week running until June 29.

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