Drugs worth Dh44m seized

DUBAI — Dubai Customs recently foiled a bid to smuggle 113kg of crystal narcotics in the Transit Section of the Dubai Cargo Village.

The contraband was found hidden into a cargo shipment heading from Iran to Malaysia via Dubai and Singapore. The announcement was made on Wednesday in the presence of Ahmed Fadil Shamsuddin, the Malaysian Consul General to Dubai and Boris Znamenski, Program Coordinator, UNODC.

A senior official told Khaleej Times that the haul, the biggest in the history of Dubai Customs, was valued at Dh44 million.

“The internationally prohibited psychotropic substance was concealed in a parcel of plastic reels weighing 208kg in total,” said Ahmed Butti Ahmed, Executive Chairman of Ports, Free Zone and Customs Corporation.

Crystal narcotics contain methamphetamine which is a stimulant that ‘speeds up the brain’ and gradually damage its cells. It is produced in forms of ice or crystal meth.

“The base is wrapped in paper or stuffed into the pipes snorted, inhaled or smoked. Also it can be mixed in a drink melted and used in needles or swallowed (a practice called “bumbing”) methamphetamine,” he said.

Some of the pharmaceuticals use methamphetamine in some medications; however, some people illegally produce this substance by adding chemical detergent substances.

Having doubts over the difference in the freight weight and the thickness after examining the bill of landing, Dubai Customs manually searched the contents and found the drugs. “Entirely opening the eight plastic reels, a white substance was found at the bottom wrapped into small transparent bags,” Butti said.

The Mobile Lab team of Dubai Customs was called to the scene to examine and analyse a sample of the detected item. The sample taken proved to be crystal narcotics.

Butti said Dubai Customs exchanged the information gathered with the General Department of Anti-Narcotics of Dubai Police, and the authorities concerned in Malaysia and Singapore where the shipment was planned to pass through Dubai.

“An inspector was appointed to monitor the suspected shipment which was confiscated in Kuala Lumpur Airport and the shipment receiver was apprehended red-handed. Further investigations are underway in Malaysia to arrest the gang members involved if any,” Butti said.


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