Don't spoil our kids, Dubai police chief tells TV stations

DUBAI -The police chief and chairman of the Dubai-based Juveniles Association on Wednesday lashed out at television stations telecasting programmes calling them damaging to traditions and detrimental to the proper upbringing of youths.

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Published: Thu 1 Apr 2004, 11:59 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:53 PM

"Cameras have entered bedrooms and are bringing into our homes lifestyles that contradict the very essence of our life and traditions", Lieutenant-General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, told founding members and the Board of Directors of the Juveniles Association which he chairs, at a function to elect new board members at the Dubai Police Officers Club on Tuesday evening.

He said the world was facing many dangers and greeds. "Many forces are targeting us and our children, as the young represent the gateway to cultural dominance and intellectual ascendance. The Internet, satellite television, SMS and other technological means are being used to brainwash our children and dictate their behavioural patterns," said the police chief. Lt-Gen. Dhahi said he was not exaggerating or being fanatic when he launches criticism against television stations sending their `poisonous contents' to the nation's youths.

He said the value system was being threatened by `the enemies of the nation' and by these stations and programmes that bring alien habits to our homes.

He told the association's board members and other guests that actions should be taken to ensure that the nation's children are shielded against bad influences. Programmes on a number of Arab television stations recently launched programmes or contents directed at youths, which were received with strong criticism and protests by the majority of Arabs. Some of these programmes were stopped apparently as a result of the massive popular objection, but others are continuing.

"The challenges we face are ferocious and the dangers are growing", said Lt Gen Dhahi, adding that efforts have to be exerted to encounter these cultural challenges and shield our youths against "a planned attack by the nation's enemies aimed at weakening its pillars and religion and cause its disintegration". Lt Gen Dhahi extended thanks to the association's members and supporters, whose work has helped it to achieve its goals over the last four years.

Many awareness campaigns were launched last year to enhance family values and protect children against drugs and other menaces. A new 13-member board was elected during the function. The association helps children and families in the UAE and also receives requests for assistance from families in the AGCC region and other Arab and foreign countries.

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