‘Don’t buy cars from unauthorised sellers’

Director of the Consumer Protection Department at the Ministry of Economy Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, has warned consumers against purchasing motor vehicles from stores other than the authorised motor vehicle agencies and companies, which issue the consumer warranty, and are committed to the car sale unified contracts the Ministry of Economy had sanctioned in January 2011.

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Published: Mon 29 Apr 2013, 9:04 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:56 AM

“Buying cars without these contracts make the consumer forfeit his secured rights in the warranty, which has been approved by the special laws and legislations”, Dr. Nuaimi said.

Al Nuaimi called on consumers not only to consider the price when buying the vehicle, but focus on other issues, with an emphasis on the after sale services, warranty, maintenance and other rights, which they get in accordance with the Federal Law No. (24) of 2006 on consumer protection.

He said that there are 360 authorised car shows and automobile agents in the country, which all adhere to the unified car sale contracts, servicing and after sale services.

“The Ministry had received many complaints from consumers that a number of clients of unauthorised car agencies were involved in buying used cars without being given the warranties, and later discovered major defects with the cars, to the point that they (vehicles) were not accepted for registration by the Traffic departments on the grounds that they were cancelled due to irreparable breakdowns”, he noted.

“The inspectors of the Ministry had contacted the showrooms which sold the said vehicles, and after search and talks with them, it was confirmed that the customers had purchased the cars without having a warranty, thus the buyer forfeits demanding his rights for repair and maintenance”, he said.

“Other complaints the ministry received included protests from consumers saying that the car agencies had refused to repair their motor vehicles on the pretext that they did not bring their cars for check ups as scheduled, which prompted the agency to regard the cause of breakdown due to misuse and not manufacturing defects”, he said.

Al Nuaimi called on consumers to strictly adhere to getting their motor vehicles maintained from time to time as per the schedule in the car agencies, to avoid the latter from refusing to repair the vehicle on the grounds that the defects cropped up due to misuse or neglect”.

Consumers absenting himself/herself repeatedly and not abiding by the scheduled maintenance times, will forfeit his/her right for warranty on getting their vehicles repaired, he added.


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